“Real Flamenco”, new space for flamenco at the Teatro Real

Real Flamenco

The next 28 of November inaugurates the Teatro Real new space dedicated to flamenco in its Ballroom, with regular performances at alternate Wednesdays 20.30 hours until the 17 July 2019, with artistic direction of Aurelio Solana.

In this first season, REAL FLAMENCO will consist 18 singing and dancing shows featuring renowned artists, They are representing different families, schools and schools of art deeply rooted tradition, but permeable to personality and personal styles of their various interpreters. Como ejemplo de esta diversidad podríamos citar a José Carmona “Rapico”, Carmen "The Talegona", Yolanda Osuna or Antonio Canales.

the old Ballroom Theater Royal, completed in 1835, It was originally intended to parties and masked balls that night dragged on in. Later, between 1841 Y 1850, this room had a huge significance function, giving shelter to the regular meetings of the Parliament of Spain, while the Congress of Deputies was built.

Their 500 square meter, fronting the Plaza de Isabel II, are versatile and multipurpose space today, heir to the hall of the conservatory, also stayed in the building for nearly four decades Real.

The dance club It will become from now on warm flamenco show, enriching the mythical space with the Spanish artistic heritage, within the framework of the policy of opening to the Royal Theater styles and different languages, promoting dialogue between different forms of expression.

He public can access the Ballroom of the Royal Theater a from the 20.15 hours, hours when the front door opens Felipe V.

At 20.30 hours one tasting product 'mark Spain' will serve as a prelude to the action that will take place at 21.00 hours. At the end of the same, viewers who wish may enjoy the company of artists and get close so, personalized way, the world of flamenco.


28 of November | Amador Rojas

Poseidon and Man

Amador Rojas, home

José Amador, sing

Triana Heredia, sing

Jesus del Rosario, guitar

Bat'o Hangonyi, cello

Luis Amador, percussion


12 from December | Bernardo Miranda

With the participation of Rocío Márquez, guest artist

I come to sing

Bernardo Miranda, sing

Rocío Márquez, sing

Francisco Roca, flauta travesera

Manuel de la Luz, guitar

the Mellis, chorus and palmas


16 from January | Ursula Lopez

The little things

Ursula Lopez, home

Javier Patino, guitar

Jerome Segura, sing

Raúl Botella, percussion

30 from January | Ricardo Fernández del Moral

With the participation of Karime Amaya, guest artist

Las Minas Flamenco Tour

Ricardo Fernández del Moral, singing and guitar

Karime Amaya, home

El Tati, guitar

Rocio Diaz, singing and clapping

Jose Jurado, clapping and dancing

13 February | Carmen, 'The Talegona'


Carmen, 'The Talegona', home

Mario Montoya, guitar

Roberto Lorente, sing

Juan José Amador, The Perre ', sing

Lucky Losada, percussion

27 February| joselito Maya Y Diego del Morao

My Weather

joselito Maya, home

Diego del Morao, guitar

José Call, sing

Rafa's Calli, sing

Perla, guitar

Joshua Ronkio, electric bass

Lolo Plantón, percussion and direction

13 of March | Manuel de la Luz

With the participation of Antonio Molina, The Choro ', Invited artist

My password

Manuel de la Luz, guitar

Antonio Molina, The Choro ', home

Olivia Molina, sing

Fran Roca, flute and guitar

Cristian de Moret, piano and bass

Diego Amador, percussion


27 of March| José Tomás Jiménez

With the participation of Claudia Cruz Y Gema Caballero, invited artists

5 real

Jose Tomas, guitar

Claudia Cruz, home

Gema Caballero, sing

Manu Soto, sing

Lolo Plantón, percussion

10 of April | Leonor Leal

With the participation of Jerome Segura, Invited artist

It is prohibited singing

Leonor Leal, home

Jerome Segura, sing

Alfredo Lagos, guitar

24 of April | Isaac Tovar

With the participation of Cancanillo Malaga, Invited artist


Isaac Tovar, home

Cancanillo Malaga, sing

Gaspar Rodríguez, guitar

Pedro Obregón, sing

Raúl Botella, percussion

8 of May | Yolanda Osuna

With the participation of José Valencia, Invited artist


Yolanda Osuna, home

José Valencia, sing

Pedro Sánchez, guitar

Luis de Mateo, sing

Jesús Corbacho, sing

15 of May | Sergio Lope

With the participation of Juan de Juan, Invited artist

Be light

Sergio Lope, flute and saxophone

Juan de Juan, home

Matías López, 'El Mati', sing

David Caro, guitar

juanfe Pérez, electric bass

Javier Rabadán, percussion

22 of May | Eduardo Guerrero


Eduardo Guerrero, home

Anabel Rivera, sing

Manuel Soto, sing

Javier Ibáñez, guitar

29 of May | Gema Moneo

With the participation of Pepe de Pura, Invited artist


Gema Moneo, home

Pepe de Pura, sing

Ismael de la Rosa, sing

yeray Cortés, guitar

5 of June | José Carmona, 'Rapico'

Laa involvement with Alfonso Losa, Invited artist


José Carmona, 'Rapico', home

Alfonso Losa, home

May Fernández, sing

Ismael de la Rosa, The ball, sing

Joni Jiménez, guitar

Antonio Losada, percussion

19 of June | Oscar Manuel

With some Duende

Oscar Manuel, flute

Veronica Pulido, home

Ricardo Bustamante, guitar

José Ramón Martín Díaz, singing and piano

David Gadea, percussion and atmosphere

3 of July | David Palomar

With the participation of Maria Moreno, guest artist

Cadiz is Real

David Palomar, sing

Maria Moreno, home

Rafael Rodriguez, guitar

Roberto Jaén, palmas


17 of July | Antonio Canales


Antonio Canales, home

David El Galli, sing

Manuel Tañé, sing

Ivan Losada, guitar

Lucky Losada, percussion

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