Real June discovers the hidden face young piano

Royal Junior

Tras el éxito de Chopin's nocturnes Y Moonlights, in previous seasons, Royal Junior descubre ahora The hidden face of piano through a series of concerts taking place at the iconic Royal Hall Theater Orchestra, where the roofs of old Madrid and activity on the streets become lively and beautiful decorated for young viewers.

The functions, intended for an audience from 12 years, tendrán lugar los fines de semana del 9, 10 Y 11 and 16, 17 Y 18 February, to 20.00 hours, except Sundays (11 Y 18), which will begin at 19.00 hours.

As the dusk gives way to the night after the beautiful glass room, the pianist Mariana Gurkova will perform essential works of music history, since Johann Sebastian Bach until Keith Jarrett, revealing the thousand emotions that lurk on the piano keys. Fernando Palacios, responsible for the script and presentation, acompañará al espectador en este recorrido didáctico de introducción a los grandes compositores.

The repertoire of the concert is designed as a game that is paired composers that, one way or another, They have something to do. A) Yes, Selected pairs, in some cases they will face, will complement other, and many will ride together. With these unique duels, viewers will discover the most luminous and sinister faces piano.

As with all shows Royal Junior, the Royal Theater offers the public an interesting tutorial, Free access through the web, in which the technical aspects of the instrument are analyzed, the history of music and the essential characteristics of each composer. Thus, the show gains in complicity and brings knowledge to new audiences (and the not so new).

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