Maria del Pilar

“Maria del Pilar”, another surprise Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela continue bailing titles of Spanish lyric genre who for various reasons had been forgotten. Some of these works, as María del Pilar, Gerónimo Giménez teacher, He not explained that they have lived so long in the ostracism. It premiered at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid 1902 Y, since then, never again knew. It seems that one of the reasons for these absences may be in a librettos …. text complete

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Bernarda Alba's house 1

“Bernarda Alba's house”, an impressive opera at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Miquel Ortega being accompanist at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, back in 1991, He began composing an opera based on the work of his admired Federico García Lorca. It was nothing less than "The House of Bernarda Alba". In a few months the first act was finished. From now on, and because of the numerous commitments that he was acquiring the composer, his work went on for 8 More years. In its composition …. text complete

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Only the sound remains-1

Only the sound remains, the sound of emotions

Only the sound remains Kaija Saariaho (1952) Libretto operates in two parts of Ezra Pound and Ernest Fenollosa, based on Tsunemasa and Hagaromo, two pieces of clásoco Japanese Noh. New production of Teatro Real, coproduced with De Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam, la Finnish National Opera in Helsinki, the Opéra National de Paris and the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto. D. musical: Ivor Bolton D. scene: Peter Sellars scenography: Julie Mahretu Costume Designer: …. text complete

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Mariella Devia

Mariella Devia, as a queen goodbye

Mariella Devia came to the Royal Theater with the intention of saying goodbye, although hardly appreciate her voice indications minor decline. We will not see it in operatic productions, those that require you to spend long periods away from home in Rome, but if we can hear it until late 2019 in some recitals. And he says goodbye to the closing scenes of bel canto operas two were rescued during the last decades …. text complete

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Ballet of the Rhine

“A German requiem”, Brahms, danced by the Ballet of the Rhine

Gradually Madrid is going fond further ballet and dance, and more and more shows of this type that are programmed. The Royal Theatre, who started the last day 12 his ballet season, quality makes the difference. Not many, moment, productions offered throughout the season, but if they are extraordinarily outstanding. This time we have tried one of the …. text complete

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Ekaterina Semenchuk success in the Lied Cycle Teatro de la Zarzuela

The playbill of the second recital of Lied, Lemon organized by the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for Dissemination of Music, article contains a delicious musicologist Cristina Aguilar which begins:"Never melancholy was a sign of national identity as clear as in Russia. Fyodor Dostoyevsky held: "The really great men must experience, as far as I know, great sadness' ". And it has been …. text complete

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“Katiuska” inaugurated the opera season of the Teatro de la Zarzuela

After a season, the 17/18 complicated, the Teatro de la Zarzuela inaugurated the 18/19 with a more typical expectation and glamor of Milan Scale, but castizo. Nobody wanted to miss the event began with a poster relumbrón. Katiuska, Paul Sorozábal. After 37 years of absence in the street theater Jovellanos, He came with a cast to match any opera house ringside: Ainhoa ​​Arteta, …. text complete

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Faust, necessary evil

Faust Charles Gounod (1818-1893) Opera in five acts Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré, based on the play Faust et Marguerite (1850) Michel Carré and the homonymous work (1808) de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. New production of Teatro Real , coproduced with De Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam D. musical: Dan Ettinger D. scene: Alex Olle (La Fura dels Baus) Works towards scene: Valentina Carrasco Scenography and video: Background …. text complete

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Gerhaher y Huber

Christian Gerhaher inicia, impeccable, Lied Cycle at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Started at the Teatro de la Zarzuela the celebrated Lied jointly organized with the National Center for Dissemination of Music. This season, Besides, celebrates 25 year cycle. And to start in style, Christian Gerhaher and his alter ego the piano, Gerold Huber, They have delighted everyone with Schwanengesang, Franz Schubert. swansong (The swan song), It consists of texts of different authors and …. text complete

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The Damnation of Must

With La Damnation de Faut season concludes Palau de Les Arts in Valencia

WITH REPRESENTATIONS Damnation de Faust by Hector Berlioz, CLOSING THE SEASON OF THE PALACE OF ARTS. By Diego Manuel García Pérez. The Damnation of Must (The Damnation of Faust) Hector Berlioz, He has closed the season at the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia. A season especially complicated by the resignations of Davide Libermore and Fabio Biondi. The Damnation of Must, It is a little-scheduled, despite its extraordinary quality …. text complete

Home Lucia

Lucia of Lammermoor, Madness at the Royal Theater

In the second half of the eighteenth century Benjamin Franklin, as fond of music as science or politics, polished and sophisticated instrument formed by crystal glasses joined to a wooden base and emitting a distinctive sound when touching the edge of the cups with the fingertips. He had created the glass harmonica. Quickly use of this new instrument spread salons …. text complete

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Die Soldaten at the Royal Theater

“The soldiers”, de Zimmermann, for trained public

    There are many artistic expressions that have tried to reflect one of the main features of the twentieth century in its most negative, the horror, aberration and evil man is capable of generating almost infinitely. And there have been many artists, tragically influenced by having lived firsthand the cruelty of World War II. One of them was the German composer Bernd Alois …. text complete

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Matthias Goerne

Matthias Goerne and Franz Schubert trilogy liederística

Con swansong (Swansong) It ends the cycle this season has offered Matthias Goerne on Schubert Franz. The whole universe of Schubert lieder Die Schöne Müllerin with (The beautiful molinera) y Winterreise (Winter trip). He 30 April Goerne and Hinterhäuser addressed Winterreise. A cycle of songs compounds initially tenor, but leaving open the possibility of being interpreted by most serious voices that can provide greater intensity and darkness every …. text complete

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The Rover 1

The Rover, in Verdi, Arts in Palau

By Diego Manuel García Pérez.El Palau de Les Arts he has always shown interest in the young Verdi operas, having set in past seasons titles like: I due Foscari, Nabucco y Macbeth, to which it has been added Il Corsaro, with five performances that took place last 28 March and 1, 5, 8 Y 10 of April. curiously, despite being one of the lesser known Verdi opera, public attendance …. text complete

Gloriana 1 Real

Gloriana, Royal presents the new Elizabethan era

Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth Tudor was dispossessed, with her sister Mary, their dynastic and secluded life rights in court. It was Catherine Parr, last wife of his father who, In addition to addressing humanistic training, Henry VIII got signed before dying the Act of Succession by the two sisters regained their rights to the throne behind his brother Eduardo. Behind the …. text complete

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Florian Boesch

Florian Boesch Lied in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Last 9 April we were about to hear in the Teatro de la Zarzuela recital 6 Lied Cycle the National Dissemination Center of Music organizes every year. Antonio Moral, director, He came to the microphone stage at hand to explain the events that occurred during the weekend and alter the representation. Let's start thinking that the proposed merger of the Royal Theater and …. text complete

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Aida 1

Excessive Aida at the Royal Theater

Some of the most famous operas and performed the repertoire, They are not exactly the easiest to upgrade. We are used to seeing almost every major opera houses situated at different times, places and times. All but one, Aida. Almost impossible to place it in a different era referred to, much less change their location and removed from the banks of the Nile, where Verdi placed some of his most brilliant and intimate escenas.Lejos and overcome …. text complete

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Elina Garanca

Viva Elina Garanca and live the Teatro de la Zarzuela!

Public! public! public!, was the cry of the Teatro de la Zarzuela stood on Sunday 11 during the emotional statement he read Karel Mark Chichon director on his behalf and on behalf of Elina Garanca: “Amado public, both Elina and I are here because we love Spanish music, especially zarzuela, and that's why we took her to all over the world. And it is our desire to continue to defend this great theater …. text complete

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Matthias Goerne

Matthias Goerne puts music to the words in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Last monday 26 February, baritone Matthias Goerne, He offered the first of three concerts that will make this season in the Lied Cycle Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for Dissemination of Music. The closing stages of the courts culminating recital I for a moment of silence before starting the applause. An intimate silence, introspection and meditation that always accompany those magical moments of inner turmoil. An experience …. text complete

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Street Scene, the masterpiece of Kurt Weill in Real

Street scene, one of the great masterpieces of American musical theater, It began as a play by Elmer Rice awarded the Pulitzer in 1929.Y ended up falling to a Kurt Weill who came to the United States fleeing from Nazism and World War II. The German composer was fascinated by the text, new rhythms found in their host country and forms of expression, absolutely free stop writing and use resources. …. text complete

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Peter Grimes, Britten, Triumph Palace Arts at Valencia

  The five performances of Peter Grimes that have taken place in the Palau de les Arts, They have resulted in a major victory, because of the excellent combination of scenery, stage direction, a magnificent orchestral performance, magnificent performance of the solo voices, well complemented by a remarkable interventions of other performers that make up the extensive cast of this opera. Y, especially, a brilliant performance as always- Choir of Generalitad …. text complete

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“Dead man walking”, The thinking corner

<"Dead man walking" is one of the clearest examples of that opera serves, mainly, to tell stories. And it tells a story that sends us all into thinking corner. This is a work to reflect on many issues, the pain, the forgiveness, justice and the exercise by the state, the human condition, repentance and, especially, the universal theme in opera and in all expressions …. text complete

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Maruxa drowns in tar

Maruxa returned to his home, the Teatro de la Zarzuela, almost 47 years later. It was in this theater which premiered at 1914 when its composer, Amadeo Vives, He was artistic director of the Zarzuela. And back in style. Upon entering we waited for the sound of a bagpipe that is creating the right environment to hear that, by musical director, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, "It is a great Spanish opera of his time, Y …. text complete

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Piotr Beczala

Piotr Beczała success in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

It was the first time that the Polish tenor Piotr Beczała participated in the Lied of Teatro de la Zarzuela, in collaboration with the National Center for Dissemination of Music and the Polish Institute of Culture. Definitely, the participation of one of the most popular tenors of the moment raises the already high level of this cycle of Lied. Beczala is an unusual tenor. His vocation for music was late, It came as …. text complete

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Don Carlo by Verdi opens the season of Palau Arts

      just ten years ago it was represented for the first time El Palau de Les Arts, Verdi's Don Carlo, then with the excellent direction of Lorin Maazel disappeared They were still good times for Palau! This opera has again scheduled to officially open, last 9 from December, the new season 2017-18, with the presence in the cast of incombustible Placido Domingo as Rodrigo Marquis de Posa. Madrid singer …. text complete

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Ars Atlantic

Bright Atlantic Ars in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

This is not the first season in the Teatro de la Zarzuela Notes program cycle Ambigú. Already last year he hung the sign "no tickets" in all actions of the cycle. To see and hear a few meters unquestionable quality interpreters, It is a gift that does not always have access. And, Besides, the price of the town is 10 €, the gift is literal. Last monday …. text complete

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The Wildcat 1

“The Wildcat” triumphs at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

He came back the Spanish opera "El Gato Montes" to the stage of the Teatro de la Zarzuela to celebrate the centenary of its composition. And he did under the direction of José Carlos Plaza scene and the music of Ramon Tebar, para dar life to the music of Manuel Penella. Undoubtedly the most valuable of the work of Penella is a music full of nuances and dramatic power load …. text complete

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Javier Camarena

Javier Camarena and ecstasy in La Zarzuela

Who was not afternoon 19 November at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, You may have missed one of the lyrical events of the season. It was the first time the Mexican tenor boarded a recital composed entirely of zarzuela. A genre considered "minor" historically and Javier Camarena himself was responsible for denying: "I do not understand this tendency to make the zarzuela a minor genre, Does not have it, no …. text complete

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Bieito's Carmen joined Real

Twenty years has this Carmen de Calixto Bieito finally arriving to the Royal Theater. Production more represented in the history of this opera, It comes with some controversy over "adjustments" that the art team has been forced to perform on supposedly offensive scenes. The changes are merely cosmetic, so as not to focus on certain elements that only pretended to be artistic expressions. Based on the work of Prosper Mérimée, Bizet adapted …. multimedia / …. text complete

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El Cantor de Mexico

El Cantor de Mexico triumphs in the Zarzuela

He arrived at the Teatro de la Zarzuela operetta El Cantor de Mexico. composed in 1951 by the French, but Hispanic American, Francis Lopez, and written to be interpreted by the famous Luis Mariano, who came to interpreting in more than 850 occasions. His stage manager, Emilio Sagi, He adapted and updated the initial script, somewhat outdated, for release 2006 en el Théàtre Châtelet. Production has come to Madrid …. text complete

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Magdalena Kožená

Magdalena Kožená and an attempt to merge the Real

The Royal Theater was a new attempt Friday fusion between Baroque and Flemish. Entitled Love: between heaven and hell, works presented, among others, José Marín, Juan Serqueira of Lima, Jean Battiste Lully, Juan Hidalgo and Sebastián Durón. I must say that the result of this merger attempt has been nil. Gerard Mortier said that flamenco should be on stage at the Teatro Real, as …. text complete

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Lucio Silla

Lucio Silla, mastery of a teenager

With only 14 years, and during a tour of the then kingdoms of Italy with his father, Mozart releases the first serious opera career, Mitridate, kings of Pontus. Such was the success that the young Mozart received another custom Teatro Regio Ducal in Milan, an opera to celebrate, Two years later, Winter carnivals the Lombard capital. Lucio Silla is a crucial work in evolution …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Mademe Butterfly at the Festival of Peralada

Intense and poignant Butterfly Ermonela Jaho triumphs in Peralada

Like last year with Turandot, Peralada Festival has chosen another title Pucciniano, Madama Butterfly, a great victory for the Albanian soprano protagonist Ermonela Jaho, in the interesting scenic proposal of Joan Antonio Rechi, located in Nagasaki devastated by the explosion of the atomic bomb. Scheduled for day 7 Y 9 of August. The second performance had to be suspended at the end of Act I, due …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Gregory customer

Gregory Kunde Triunfo in Peralada

Veteran tenor Gregory Kunde US (Kankatee, Illinois, 24 February 1954), He debuted in the early eighties of last century with a lyrical voice light, which allowed him to meet and bel canto roles mozartianos. Suffering from cancer 1994, diagnosed after a few performances of L'italiana in Algeri by Rossini, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, He managed to overcome severe illness and resume his career 1996. Over the …. text complete

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Julia Lezhneva

Julia Lezhneva at the Peralada Festival

The Castell de Peralada Festival, He held its thirty-one edition, offering a varied program that included several opera recitals, among them, those offered by the young Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva and tenor Gregory Kunde American veteran, which they took place respectively on 5 Y 6 August in the Church of Carmen de Peralada. Julia Lezhneva (Sakhalin Island, Russia, 5 December 1989) It is one of the great figures …. text complete

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Daniella Barcelona y Jessica Pratt en Tancredi

A bright Tancredi closes the season Palau de Les Arts

Valencia's Palau de Les Arts, He has brilliantly closed the season with five performances of Rossini's Tancredi, they have gathered a great voice cast led by Daniela Barcellona as Tancredi and Jessica Pratt in the role of Amenaide, next to the excellent performance of the Orchestra of Valencia conducted by Roberto Abbado. As well, It should be noted the interesting scenic proposal Emilio Sagi. curiously, and being higher quality representations that have been …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly a film at the Royal Theater

Toward 1850 and after two half centuries of isolation, Japan is obliged to open to the world. It counts at the time with two important showcases, the Universal Exhibition in London (1862) Y, especially, the Paris (1867). In this last, draws the attention of major artists who are influenced by Japanese cultural imprint and are, at the same time, who first spread these new trends. Artists like James …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Marina closes the season at La Zarzuela

Marina is one of those Spanish reference works that all fans have recorded in its memory. Who does not sometimes hums his conocidísima "A drink, let's drink". It has also always been one of the most scheduled. The last time just four years ago in this same theater. Although previously Twenty years had elapsed, since Jorge Alfredo Kraus played. The teacher Emilio Arrieta, He transformed the Marina zarzuela opera to be …. text complete

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Juan Diego Florez

Juan Diego Florez, the return

Last 13 June finally put this season cycle Real Voices. And he did it in style, with a recital by tenor Juan Diego Flórez. lavishes not excessively Peruvian tenor, still less it does in operatic performances, and his last appearances at Real had not left a mark too deep. Flórez has some vocal characteristics that can be addictive, at least for the vast majority …. text complete

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Werther by Jules Massenet at the Palau Arts

Werther is shown for the first time in El Palau de les Arst Valencia, in the course of five performances. Orchestra of Valencia, superbly directed by Hungarian Henrik Nánási, It has been the big winner. The results in both the vocal level and stage have been more discreet. Jules Massenet (1842 –1912) he came to compose operas twenty-five being the best known and represented Manon (1884), Werther (1892) there Thais (1898). As well …. multimedia / …. text complete

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The Golden Cockerel at the Teatro Real in Madrid

El Gallo de Oro. A timeless story

Often children's stories serve to present so candid situations or unsavory characters, which they are used to provide a reflection or critical moralizing purposes. This is the case tale The Golden Cockerel, written by Aleksandr Pushkin, inspired by the Tales of the Alhambra Washington Irving, and librettist Vladimir Balsky adapted to compose Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov its fifteenth and last opera. Rimsky initial ambiguity of the …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Joyce DiDonato

War and peace with Joyce DiDonato

Joyce DiDonato patient notes, sitting from the back of the stage, as the audience enters the room and takes a seat. It is becoming fashionable this entry gayola porta, it requires some courage to tear sing if you previously have warmed. American mezzo presented at the Teatro Real in Madrid his new show (and disco) "In war and peace: harmony through music ". A project loaded with good intentions …. text complete

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Bomarzo's nightmare

About two hours drive north of Rome, It is the charming little medieval town of Viterbo, in the region of Lazio. On the outskirts of Viterbo, Bomarzo en, if levanta and Castello Orsini. Belonging to the Orsini, one of the most ancient and illustrious families in medieval Italy. Pier Francesco Orsini, hijo de Giovanni Corrado Orsini y Clarice Anguillara, he managed to inherit the dukedom years after death …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Lucrezia Borgia Arts

Lucrezia Borgia succeeds in Arts

Lucrezia Borgia of Gaetano Donizetti, It is shown for the first time in El Palau de les Arst and has been a real triumph for soprano Mariella Devia, who has offered a complete masterclass bel canto, going to all the vocal and performing demands of this complex and contradictory character, their work being rewarded with sound ovations. The other attraction of these representations has been the magnificent performance by mezzo Silvia Valencia …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Rodelinda, the magic of the Baroque

Rodelinda, one of the most beautiful operas of Händel first came to Real in what is now the season of big releases. The London 1725 It is the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. With more than one million inhabitants and outside the conflicts that occur in the continent, enjoys a remarkable artistic activity. Händel, the greatest exponent of Italian opera in London, not only acts as …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Franco Fagioli

Franco Fagioli, the elastic voice

Despite living in Madrid and one of the voices of countertenor most claimed today, Argentine Franco Fagioli had not yet made his debut in this city. That may be one reason why there were so many empty seats. And it was Fagioli, at least until Wednesday, unknown to the general public. Who did not attend the 22 March to recital at the Teatro Fagioli …. text complete

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Cecilia Bartoli

Cecilia Bartoli outstanding at the Royal Theater

Baroque lovers are celebrating with programming the Teatro Real has prepared for this spring. Cecilia Bartoli Franco Fagioli in its cycle of "Voces del Real", to prepare the release of Rodelinda, Händel's work that first comes to this theater. Cecilia Bartoli came accompanied by Sergio Ciomei always original piano. “A journey through 400 Years of Italian Music” is the name of the tour …. text complete

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Natalia Together

An ensemble that hides a large orchestra

On Wednesday he sounded at the National Auditorium Mahler's Fifth Symphony. That Symphony with which, apparently, Mahler was never entirely satisfied and amended on several occasions. Perhaps the version of this work offered Natalia Ensemble departs from the spirit of experimentation author. And the result is fascinating. The 17 Ensemble musicians are Natalia had agreed on the Gustav Mahler Youth (GMJO). After this experience …. text complete

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Billy Budd

Billy Budd, for opera lovers

Didficil to understand that one of the most important works of the twentieth century had not represented today in Madrid. Billy Budd, the most colorful work of Benjamin Britten, He arrived at the Royal Theatre of the hand of one of the most prestigious stage directors, Deborah Warner, who has filed a perfect radiography of the intentions of a Britten dealing with subtlety one of his most recurrent themes, this duality that for him …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Christian Gerhaher

Gerhaher dazzles at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Christian Gerhaher offered its traditional concert at the Lied CNDM in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. He did, also as always, accompanied by his faithful Hubert Gerold. This time a selection of works by Schumann Liederbuch (Book of songs). Schaumann works composed in 1840, its most fertile year in composition of such works, how good commercial acceptance had at the time. The happiness …. text complete

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the villainess

The Villana in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Thirty-three years have passed since the last performance of The villain in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. And it not explained very well that much time has elapsed in the case of a work of so much substance in the genre boy. Even less is understood if we consider that music is the maestro Amadeo Vives, and it is based on the work Peribáñez and the Commander of Ocaña, Lope de …. text complete

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The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman at the Royal Theatre

“Hell on earth ", well it is known to the city of Chittagong, en Bangladesh. Place where is the biggest shipbreaking the world and where work is done very precariously. Where human life has value only but, at the same time, It is a tremendously spiritual society, who believes in reincarnation and in the more traditional legends permanently entering contradiction with the most ruthless materialism. Y …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Sicilian Vespers

Sicilian Vespers, in Verdi, arrives at the Palau les Arts in Valencia

El Palau de les Doctor, He has started its new season with Vespri Siciliani I, one Verdi opera authentic appeal, though little known by the general public, as it is shown rarely. Only, its magnificent overture is often included as part of concert. So, for the Valencian coliseum was challenging an opera like this, especially, for their great demands on the vocal level. After the success of the call …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Iphigenia in Thrace at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid

Iphigenia in Thrace. Teatro de la Zarzuela

the Teatro de la Zarzuela launched into a bold and risky adventure: schedule a baroque zarzuela. Iphigenia in Thrace, the Spanish José de Nebra with libretto by Nicholas Gonzalez Martinez. Besides the tastes, Each one has his own, can one approach this production seeing the glass half full or half empty. And this time there are arguments for both views. We will see… If we take into account that …. multimedia / …. text complete

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La clemenza de Tito at the Teatro Real Madrid

clemency de Tito, again

“Turn away from our life everything that is not love ... ", They sing a duet Annio and Servilia in one of the most romantic moments of this opera. And so in love must be to venture successfully into the ice escenográfico proposed Ursel and Karl-Eenst-Rousset in its proposal last opera composed by Mozart written for the coronation pomp of Leopold II as King of Bohemia. Time passes for this production …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Angela Meade as Norma

Rule. A century waiting

Not surprising that Norma, which they say is the masterpiece of bellcantismo, and one of the repertory operas, it has taken 102 years to be represented at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Bellini, bridge between classicism and romanticism, It took the curiosity of everyday emotions to a timid society by Catholicism. A true revolutionary of the romantic feelings he knew influence other composers. Chopin inherited from Bellini's …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Otello at the Teatro Real Madrid

Decaffeinated Otello at the Royal Theatre

A cozy and renovated Teatro Real received the 15 September the start of the season. New colors and signs that bring you, in appearance at least, other prestigious theaters. Y, like La Scala or the Met is involved, the most famous perched on the forocool located at the entrance holl evening dress. Surely this is a way to advertise the theater and the season begins, although it produces …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Xavier Sabata in the footsteps of Alexander the Great

Two years ago he saw the debut in Peralada Xavier Sabata (Avia, Barcelona, 1976), who scored a big win with the concert was entitled "Furioso or the footsteps of Orlando". His return to Peralada, He has been one of the greatest attractions in the programming of the thirty edition of the festival ampurdanés. Countertenor Barcelona showed again his musicological concerns, to develop a program around the figure of Alexander …. text complete

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Princess Turandot Triomphe in Peralada

Castell Peralada Festival celebrated its thirty edition, programming highlighting the two performances of Puccini's Turandot, which they took place last 6 Y 8 of August, with great success of audience that completely filled the Auditorium Parc del Castell. Turandot was represented for the first time in the festival ampurdanés. But, go to parties, since before prosecuting these representations of Turandot, I would like to introduce the reader to the …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Placido Domingo and Michael Fabiano in I Due Foscari at the Teatro Real

I due Foscari at the Teatro Real

I due Foscari is one of the works composed by Verdi in so-called "galley years". So the composer himself referred to the seven years in which he composed no less than eleven operas. Does not about, much less, one of his best works. Not even the best known. But there's something I due Foscari to be displayed more times than their quality and position …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Death in the opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis

Der Kaiser von Atlantis abdication or death

If all works need their context, the work of Viktor Ullmann, The Emperor of Atlantis or Death abdicates (The Emperor of Atlantis or the abdication of death), It has in the context of its main protagonist. A protagonist who is not, who does not sing or act, but in this production it is evident in numerous occasions. Ullmann composed this work during their stay in the camp Terezin. A …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Christian Gerhaher, biography of Schubert Lied in the Zarzuela

It was the eighth time that Christian Gerhaher participated in the Lied Cycle CNDM in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. This time interpreting Winterreise (winter trip), Franz Schubert composed in 1827 for voice and piano. In it expresses the feelings of a walking through a winter landscape and frigid, after learning of the rejection of his beloved. Pinpoints his melancholy through a journey in which only …. text complete

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Angela Denoke

Angela Denoke and interwar Berlin

The recital has offered the German soprano Angela Denoke at the Royal Theatre last 15 of June, It was undoubtedly the perfect complement to Moses and Aaron Schoenberg, Der Kaiser von Atlantis by Viktor Ullmann and Hans Krasa Brundibár of. With the Cycle Dancing on the volcano, The Royal Theatre has been worth interwar music and composers, captained by Kurt Weill, They are trying to leave …. text complete

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Susan Graham

Susan Graham, delicacy lesson in the Realm

Was the last concert cycle Real Voices, and this time by mezzo-soprano Susan Graham of. Born in New Mexico, Graham scored big differences with the two American divas that have preceded it in recent days in Madrid. The first, the elegance, thereby responding to the canons and more pragmatic ways of lieder singing this. Nothing to do, for example, con la dicharachera Renée Fleming. The next difference …. text complete

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Moses and Aaron

Moses und Aron de Schoenberg, finally at the Royal Theatre

The Royal Theatre decided to devote the second part of his season to a single thread that elapses between the interwar period and the effect it had on the artistic expression of those who suffered. One such character was the composer Arnold Schoenberg that, influenced by the persecution of the Jews, He decided to embrace the beliefs of their ancestors. It took as inspiration for the Book of Exodus in the Bible and …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Idomeneo, Mozart

Idomeneo desembarca in The Arts in Valencia

The Palau de les Arts in Valencia has made a strong commitment, by staging its own production, a Mozart opera Idomeneo as, King of Crete, little-known Spanish public, despite its high quality music, as it is usually represented very rarely, at least compared with other famous titles like Mozartian: Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni , Cosi fan tutte and La flauta mágica. Five o'clock …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Parsifal at the Teatro Real

The Parsifal enigma

Parsifal, Wagner last composition, He was released from his exclusive contract with Bayreuth 31 December 1913. That night was premiered at the Liceu in Barcelona and the next day at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Written in turbulent times, perfectly reflects a destroyed world and the need to find a liberating exit or something like a messiah. That deliverer looking Amfortas with his brotherhood …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Karita Mattila

Karita Mattila in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

It was the first time the Finnish soprano Karita Mattila participated in the Lied the Teatro de la Zarzuela. Still we remember it in its fantastic Katia Kabanova interpretation at the Royal Theatre a few years ago. He presented a varied program. A first more French side, con agitadas obras de Poulen, Mattila who plays with great descriptive audacity, to continue with works by Duparc and Brams. The second part, more intimate, he was …. text complete

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Luisa Miller

Luisa Miller Chronicle, in Verdi, at the Theatre Royal

Two performances were scheduled Royal Theatre Verdi Luisa Miller. A work unjustly considered minor in the repertoire. Perhaps because its composition, prior to the trilogy of Rigoletto, Il trovatore and La traviata placed it in the background. Verdi has this time with librettist Friedrich von Schiller giving more importance to love and social drama of the original work, Cabal and Love (intrigue and love). What the author …. text complete

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Maria Jose Montiel Maria Moliner plays at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Maria Moliner and the army of invisible women

It is unusual brand an opera in Spain. I is even less so in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. And if opera is Spanish, more musical event, We talk almost a miracle. Maria Moliner is a character with enough packaging to star in a story. Packaging and heroics who made a formidable task from pure ostracism. Write a dictionary of use of Castilian in the solitude of his room …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Andreas Scholl and the purest Baroque at the Royal Theatre

Ten years is a long if what comes back is to listen to Andreas Scholl at the Royal Theatre. It did last 22 of April. This time accompanied by his wife, Tamar Halperin, the key, y por Titian Bagnati, y laud Marco Frezzato, cello. All of them led by the violinist Stefano Montanari whose magical virtuosity led him to the purest Baroque interpretation and making variations impossible phrasings full of originality. your domain …. text complete

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Renée Fleming

Renée Fleming concert at the Royal Theatre

There are many fans that the American soprano Renée Fleming has in Spain. At least this was demonstrated in his recital last night at the Teatro Real. With works ranging from the Baroque to the nineteenth century, He toured the wide repertoire that has given him international fame. In the first part, dedicated to baroque, he played works by Mozart, Handel and Schumann. A first part of the recital not too well chosen to …. text complete

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X Awards Gala Campoamor

Last 19 March was held in Oviedo Gala Awards delivery Campoamor. This year with a special celebration because they are already 10 which have been held. To approach the true dimension of these awards must be taken into account, at least, two premises. The first, Lyrical award shows. And the second, We are in Spain. These two conditions could be contradictory, but the importance that they are achieving these …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Written on skin, George Benjamin, a masterpiece

For a little ear given to the twelve-tone adventures like mine, nothing made him suspect that this Thursday 17 March would definitely conquered. Responsible for this surrender across rule has been the British composer George Benjamin and his work Written on skin. simply, a masterpiece. Martin Crimp's libretto based on anonymous thirteenth century razó, The eaten heart, It is the legend of Provençal troubadour Guillem de Cabestany, …. text complete

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“The Liebesverbot”. Wagner under construction

The Liebesverbot, a rarity in the Wagnerian catalog, It is a perfect work to discover the origins of genius, It matured personally and musically very different ways in which we presented in this work. sirbe also to remove some labels that have always accompanied the figure of the German composer. Thank you, many times, distorting the work of one of its familiates. Mainly Cosima and Winifred. For this reason alone, the discovery …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Francisco Viñas

Concert of the winners of the International Singing Contest Francisco Viñas at the Royal Theatre

Since 1963 It has been held the International Singing Contest Francisco Viñas in Barcelona. It pays tribute to Spanish tenor so that played a key role in disseminating the work of Wagner in Spain. During all these years they have been thousands of participants and many venues that have hosted the final. Some of the awardees voices in its various editions have been highlighted as Ewa Podles as, Olga Borodina, SOMI which, Achilles …. text complete

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Magic Flute

The Magic Flute at the Royal Theatre

Credited is that the most critical situations extracted from each person his "self" most extraordinary. Applying this theory to a genius like Mozart and mixed with Masonic ideals, the result is one of the most sublime works of art of music. A work that, far from being a children's story, browse the deepest dreams illustration. With Mozart's The Magic Flute raised the Singspiel, the most popular music, a …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Placido Domingo as Macbeth at Les Arts in Valencia Palau

Macbeth season opens at the Palau Les Arts

The new season of the Palau de Les Arst Valencia, It has started six successful performances of Verdi's Macbeth, played by Placido Domingo, with a massive public attendance, demonstrating the real pull of this incombustible singer, dedicated in recent years to baritone roles. Giuseppe Verdi felt a special admiration for the plays of William Shakespeare, adapting his youthful days Macbeth, and in his bright senescence: Otello, Y …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Bejun Mehta

Bejun Mehta, That pure heaven

Che pure ciel is the title of the recital that offered last 16 December countertenor cycle Bejun Mehta Great Voices Theatre Royal. It is also the title of an aria from Gluck's Orfeo. Sadly we could not hear. But the repertoire prepared for this recital and especially, la música de la Akadamie für Alte Musik Berlin, They filled beyond the expectations of the public who occupied not much …. text complete

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Alcina at the Teatro Real Madrid


A baroque opera is always an event. First, and in the case of Alcina, for the excellence of their music. And secondly by the few opportunities we have to enjoy. One can say that Alcina was the final product after the bad relationship of two geniuses of Baroque music. Handel as a composer who was then director at the Royal Academy of Music (1720-1728), based at King's Theatre, and the counter as interpreter Senesino …. multimedia / …. text complete

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JD. Flórez

Another success for Juan Diego Florez

A relajadísimo Juan Diego Florez offered last 16 November a recital at the Teatro Real in Madrid. A crowded Real, for which there were no entries for a long time, Peruvian tenor received the anxiety that only produces an addiction. The concert began with three songs by Henri Dupartc which he dedicated to the victims of the recent attacks in Paris. This new foray into the French repertoire is a promising opportunity …. text complete

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Natalie Dessay, not spend time

He began the cycle of Great Voices of the Royal Theatre with a recital by Natalie Dessay. He not returned to the theater from a previous recital 2007 and he was almost forced upon cancellation of “The Daughter of the Regiment”, last season. It's a shame you have decided to dedicate his vocal and artistic energies only concerts, abandoning the operatic performances. You can spare energy and vocal qualities. So let it revealed last 29 of September. …. text complete

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Roberto Devereux. Above all voices

Old woman, Bald and Toothless. And it presents Elizabeth I librettist Salvadore Cammarano in fiction created for the opera Donizetti. A powerful woman, overcome by his grotesque decrepitude, although his subjects was always the embodiment of virtue. Royal Theatre season began with Roberto Devereux. One of the operas of the Tudor trilogy of Gaetano Donizetti plunged into the abyss after the loss of his entire family. A …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Sleeping Beauty Ballet at the Royal Theatre

The Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Theatre

Five years have passed since Nacho Duato cease to be in front of the National Dance Company. The same five years it took the master to return with a production designed and directed by him. Five years is too long an absence when it is like this. It is presented in front of Staatsballett Berlin. Company resulting from the union of the respective formations dance of the three opera …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Resounding triumph of Verdi's Otello in Peralada

Memorable representation of Otello which took place the day 1 of August, in this edition of the Festival Castell Peralada. An uncertain meteorology, propitiated continually look heaven in the presence of clouds-indeed, the night before had discharged a heavy storm- that could portend rains with the consequent suspension of representation. Fortunately, He could be seen this truly magnificent musical and theatrical Otello to level. In this new coproduction, Custom …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Klaus Florian Vogt

Recital of Klaus Florian Vogt in Peralada

Given this magnificent representation of Otello, pales quite the recital German tenor Klaus Florian Vogt, accompanied by pianist Jobst Scheneiderat, that took place yesterday in the Church of Carmen, Peralada. With a program that included four Lied: "The walk", “Halt!”, "On Feirerabend" y "The Miller Flowers" del Ciclo The Beautiful Miller (The beautiful molinera) Franz Schubert, correction sung by German tenor, far from the interpretations made by the …. text complete

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Placido Domingo

Goyescas, Plácido Domingo y Gianni Schicchi. All together at the Royal Theatre

He had scheduled the Royal Theatre to finish the season its traditional opera with Placido Domingo. It was Gianni Shicchi, Giacomo Puccini, which together with Goyescas, Granados teacher, together they form the poster for this end of year. The painful death of Sister Sunday, and humor with which Puccini's work refers to death, They have led to the now baritone to suspend its participation in that work. …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Fidelio at the Teatro Real

A dark Fidelio at the Teatro Real

“Since 1981 I have not run Fidelio and when I finished I said I would not do”. These words of Hartmut Haenchen, director musical de Fidelio 34 years later, perfectly describe the character and the difficulty of this work. Beethoven's only opera, of which he wrote three different versions and up to four overtures, It has two very different characters or souls who are influenced, each one of them, the operatic tendencies of the moment. The first …. multimedia / …. text complete

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A Così fan Tutte very flippant at the Liceu

Cosi fan tutte came to Liceu, which they say is not a Mozartian theater. Since we know very well what is to be or not mozartiano, in the case of a theater, we are left with the doubt. Who does not seem very Mozartian is the stage director of this production, Damiano Michieletto. This young Venetian begins to be known for performing discrete extravagances. Some more successful than others. Y no es este Cosi fan tutte, what …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Nabucco Triunfa in The Arts

The seven performances of Nabucco, which they have taken place in the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, with a massive public attendance, They have been the real triumph of a season full of ups and downs and difficulties of all kinds. Nabucco is the third opera composed by Verdi, Temistocle libretto by Solera, and its premiere took place at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, he 9 March 1842, constituting a great success, until …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Marie-Nicole Lemiex at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Last 13 of April, the Teatro de la Zarzuela offered his recital VII within the Lied. He was in charge of the simpatiquísima Canadian contralto Marie-Nicole Lemiex, accompanied on piano by Roger Vignoles. A concert dedicated to the most intimate French repertoire. Composers less known than Debussy, Ravel, O Satie Fauré, but similar musical and literary weight. Although some works of Fauré and Debussy have been part of this recital, the protagonists …. text complete

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Philippe Jaroussky

Philippe Jaroussky concert at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The countertenor voice has always been associated with the Baroque repertoire widely known by amateur public. This is the reason that surprising that one of these voices, the French Philippe Jaroussky, return to Teatro de la Zarzuela, its XXI Lied this time, with a recital of French music composers of the twentieth century. With the name of Green presents his most personal and ambitious work. Paul …. text complete

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scenery of the public at the Royal Theatre

The public

“irrepresentable work, made to be whistled ". With these words described his work García Lorca Public. What manifests the extraordinary complexity that hides the text. When Gerard Mortier took over the artistic direction of the Teatro Real, He was determined to investigate and think about what would be the literary substrate that represented modern Spain. That was when Mauricio Sotelo commissioned the composition of an opera inspired by the work of Lorca. …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Rocio Marquez

Rocío Márquez and art of the vanguard

"Black angels brought handkerchiefs and snow water." This small fragment of García Lorca's pelegrinitos is the name of the show on Saturday 28 February we were lucky to see those who were at the Royal Theatre. We are witnessing the birth of a new dimension of flamenco. First, because flamenco can not do anything but grow, to rise. And in second place, because those who planted the stage that night …. text complete

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Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald, dreams and Broadway

“Make Someone Happy”, Make someone happy. That was one of the subjects interpreted this 31 January Audra McDonald at the Royal Theatre. A title and a purpose Broadway diva knew more than meet. It was presented at the Royal a new cycle called "tramps Sessions". so called because they are devoted mainly to cabaret music and the great music. And it has been one of its voices …. text complete

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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

A large packaging as a curtain hides the surprise and the magic of the story that recreate the music of Humperdinck and scenery Pelly. A production of Hansel and Gretel, since its premiere in Madrid 1901, there had again been represented in this Theatre. Under the name of Märchenoper (opera-fairytale), Humperdinck puts music to the adaptation of the story by the Brothers Grimm. Eliminates the steepest parts and …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Image of Death in Venice opera at the Royal Theatre

Death in Venice. The beauty …

When Benjamin Britten contacted by letter with Golo, the third son of Thomas Mann, to request your permission to write an opera based on his work Death in Venice, He did not suspect it would be his last work. Or maybe if. Upon hearing this disturbing work it is not known to what extent Britten was aware of the little time he had left. Death in Venice It is a compendium of all his …. multimedia / …. text complete

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The exquisiteness of Gerhaher

Extraordinary recital which offered last 21 December the German baritone Christian Gerhaher, accompanied by pianist Gerold Huber his faithful, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. The first thing that catches the eye is its light color voice, rare in a baritone. This quality allows him to reach high notes with ease and lightness. The route of your records is large, the perfect diction, variety of shades. Capable of expressing a soft …. text complete

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Romeo and Juliet in Plasson con el Real

Last 16 December Teatro Real opened, concert version, Romeo and Juliet, Charles Gounod. A fantastic night of opera thanks, mainly, the baton of Maestro Michel Plasson. Orchestra won a highly refined sound and a delicacy and romance that managed moments charged with emotion, as the end of the second act. His baton was definitely the best of the night. In the role of Roméo, known role …. text complete

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Tribute to Montserrat Caballe at the Royal Theatre

He 9 December the Royal Theatre gave a fitting tribute to one of the greatest performers of the international opera, Montserrat Caballé. At 81 years, Caballe made gala, once again, his extraordinary sense of humor. Despite his difficulty walking, He took the stage after the concert to thank the Orchestra, the public and Joan Mataboch, This tribute. During the concert videos were interspersed …. text complete

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