Elina Garanca

Viva Elina Garanca and live the Teatro de la Zarzuela!

Public! public! public!, was the cry of the Teatro de la Zarzuela stood on Sunday 11 during the emotional statement he read Karel Mark Chichon director on his behalf and on behalf of Elina Garanca: “Amado public, both Elina and I are here because we love Spanish music, especially zarzuela, and that's why we took her to all over the world. And it is our desire to continue to defend this great theater …. text complete

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Elina Garanca

Elina Garanca, one of the great ladies of opera, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

She has been waiting a long time the public from Madrid to Elina Garanca, without a doubt one of the great ladies of opera. The mezzo Letona, which has among its brilliant merits being considered as one of the reference Carmens history, will finally realize the dream of many fans on Sunday, 11 of March (18h00) with her long-awaited debut in this city. The logical expectation caused by this historic …. text complete

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