Maria Jose Montiel

Maria Jose Montiel is Carmen San Sebastian

The criticism was unanimous: Carmen Maria Jose Montiel in the Florida Grand Opera in Miami (U.S) It was “unforgettable”. Madrid diva, National Music Award 2015, She inaugurated in November American opera season coliseum with Bizet's popular opera securing a great personal success both public and critics. “The Spanish mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel in his debut in FFO truthfully portrayed a woman who would rather die …. text complete

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Maria Jose Montiel and Alfredo Aracil National Music Prize 2015

As it reported in a statement Inaem, mezzo-soprano María José Montiel, in the form of Interpretation, and Alfredo Aracil, Composition in the form of, They have been awarded today with the National Music Awards corresponding to 2015. these awards, It is given annually by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, They are endowed with 30.000 euros each. The jury has decided to propose, majority, the Award to María José Montiel “for his victory …. text complete

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