“Maruxa” in La Zarzuela, 46 years later

That humans, the species to which we belong and so often it seems that is beyond good and evil, First accelerates aging and deterioration of the planet we inhabit, It is no secret. Not even news, even though the media around the world gather daily petty actions involved in this voluntary manslaughter and collective. This is the point as …. text complete

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Maria Jose Montiel Maria Moliner plays at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Maria Moliner and the army of invisible women

It is unusual brand an opera in Spain. I is even less so in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. And if opera is Spanish, more musical event, We talk almost a miracle. Maria Moliner is a character with enough packaging to star in a story. Packaging and heroics who made a formidable task from pure ostracism. Write a dictionary of use of Castilian in the solitude of his room …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Bonn world premiere at the Jerusalem Verdi ABAO

Coproduction of ABAO-OLBE and the Jerusalem Theater Bonn Verdi, with staging the Mexican Francisco Negrín, It has premiered last weekend in the city cradle of Beethoven with resounding success with audiences and critics. This is the first collaboration between the Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera and the famous German theater and for those responsible for ABAO "this co-production marks another milestone in the history …. text complete

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