the Rheingold, Richard Wagner, tetralogy comes to the Royal Theater

the Rheingold, Richard Wagner, tetralogy arrives at Rheingold Theater RealEl (the Rheingold) Prologue in four scenes scenic Der Ring des Nibelungen festival Music and libretto by Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Released in the Königlichen Hof- and National Theater de Múnich, he 22 September 1869 Premiered at the Teatro Real 2 March 1910 Oper Köln production D. musical: Pablo Heras-Casado Concepción: Robert Carsen, Patrick Kinmonth D. …. text complete

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With Rheingold Royal Theater starts Der Ring des Nibelungen, Wagner, over four seasons

Between days 17 January 1 February the Teatro Real offer 7 functions Rheingold (the Rheingold), Richard Wagner (1813-1883), first of four operas that make up the cycle The ring Nibelungo, to be presented over four successive seasons, with musical direction by Pablo Heras-Casado and stage director Robert Carsen. The production, released in 2000 at the Cologne Opera and response …. text complete

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B. Abduraimov

Abduraimov Perahia replaces the youngest autumn Great Performers

The next 13 November will Behzod Abduraimov who offered the penultimate recital of the 23rd edition of the Great Performers Series Scherzo replacing Murray Perahia. The pianist has been forced to cancel his performance on health grounds. Abduraimov is one of the most outstanding young artists on the international scene and concerts stand out for their great delicacy, musical depth and superb technical capacity. The program presented in this …. text complete

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The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman at the Royal Theatre

“Hell on earth ", well it is known to the city of Chittagong, en Bangladesh. Place where is the biggest shipbreaking the world and where work is done very precariously. Where human life has value only but, at the same time, It is a tremendously spiritual society, who believes in reincarnation and in the more traditional legends permanently entering contradiction with the most ruthless materialism. Y …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Dutch herrante

Activities around The Flying Dutchman

24 November to 17 December Workshop Opera uncovered: The Flying Dutchman Throughout the workshop the technical and artistic details that make possible a production of opera discover, hand of its protagonists. 15 from December, to 20.15 hours | Teatro Real. Debate Approaches Gayarre room around The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner, with Pablo Heras-Casado (Opera music director and principal musical director …. text complete

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The Dutch herrante

The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner, arrives at the Teatro Real

Between days 17 December and 3 of January of 2017 Royal Theatre offer 10 features an original production of The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner (1813-1883), in version two and a half hours without pause. It will be the third production of this title that will be at the Royal Theatre since its reopening: in 2003, with Daniel Barenboim and Harry Kupfer, and in 2010, Jesus Lopez Cobos and with Alex Rigola. …. text complete

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Violeta Urmana

Violeta Urmana's voice fills the Theatre Zarauela

Listen to a recital of lieder at the Teatro de la Zarzuela has something special. The proximity of performers. Intimate communication that is created between voice, the piano and the public. Factors contributing to an atmosphere that engages and excites. This time, and makes three, Lithuanian mezzo Violeta Urmana llagaba the Teatro de la Zarzuela with works by Schubert in the first half and Richard Strrauss in …. text complete

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Daniel Barenboim – On my new piano

Daniel Barenboim’s first solo recording on the remarkable new concert grand Barenboim-Maene which he developed in collaboration with instrument maker Chris Maene. Barenboim has selected works by four keyboard masters to display his piano’s timbral and tonal capabilities: “I’ve fallen in love with my new piano”, he exclaims, “and want to spend as much time with it as possible.” Conceived and commissioned by Barenboim himself, the new piano was developed and built by esteemed Belgian …. text complete

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the Liebesverbot

“The Liebesverbot” you will be on Sunday 6 November in TVE

The next 6 of November, El Palco Spanish TV program, will issue Das Liebesverbot, Youth opera by Richard Wagner (1813-1883), premiered at the Royal Theatre last season, who enjoyed a great reception from the public and which critics said it was a "privilege that can not be missed" because it is "a great discovery". In this fun, fresh and melodious score, light taste …. text complete

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Tannhäuser at the Teatro de la Maestranza

Tannhäuser, Romantic opera by Richard Wagner comes back to the days Maestranza 28 October 1 Y 5 November in a production-Poznán Wielki Theater and the Teatro de la Maestranza with stage direction and musical Achim Thorwald Peter Hlaffter in front of a fabulous cast led by Peter Seiffert and Ricarda Merbeth. Days 28 October, 1 Y 5 of November, to 20.30 hours Romantic opera Tannhäuser …. text complete

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Parsifal at the Teatro Real

The Parsifal enigma

Parsifal, Wagner last composition, He was released from his exclusive contract with Bayreuth 31 December 1913. That night was premiered at the Liceu in Barcelona and the next day at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Written in turbulent times, perfectly reflects a destroyed world and the need to find a liberating exit or something like a messiah. That deliverer looking Amfortas with his brotherhood …. multimedia / …. text complete

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Returns to the Teatro Real Parsifal, Richard Wagner

Between days 2 Y 30 de abril el Teatro Real ofrecerá diez funciones de Parsifal, última, enigmática, ambigua y genial ópera de Richard Wagner (1813-1883), que el compositor clasificó como “Festival escénico sacro en tres actos”. Este monumental e inclasificable “oratorio místico-dramático”, concebido para ser representado únicamente en el revolucionario Teatro de Bayreuth, y sin aplausos, para no perturbar la atmósfera religiosa del rito músico-teatral, ha impulsado, since its premiere in 1882, interpretaciones muy …. text complete

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“The Liebesverbot”. Wagner under construction

The Liebesverbot, a rarity in the Wagnerian catalog, It is a perfect work to discover the origins of genius, It matured personally and musically very different ways in which we presented in this work. sirbe also to remove some labels that have always accompanied the figure of the German composer. Thank you, many times, distorting the work of one of its familiates. Mainly Cosima and Winifred. For this reason alone, the discovery …. multimedia / …. text complete

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“The Liebesverbot” Wagner joins Real

Between days 19 February and 5 de marzo el Teatro Real ofrecerá nueve funciones de La prohibición de amar, segunda ópera en el catálogo de Richard Wagner (1813-1883), which opens in Spain -after a version with reduced orchestra presented at the Festival de Peralada in 2013- in a new production of Teatro Real, in co-production with the Royal Opera House in London and the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. In this fun, …. text complete

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José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to Bilbao Musika-Music

El ascendente maestro español José Miguel Pérez-Sierra comenzará el mes de marzo dirigiendo nuevamente en Bilbao, esta vez a la Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa. La cita es en el festival Musika-Música que convierte a la ciudad del Guggenheim en capital musical internacional al llenarse de actuaciones en un fin de semana, un atractivo inexcusable para los melómanos. Después de triunfar en la temporada lírica de la Asociación Bilbaína de Amigos de la Ópera (ABAO-OLBE) con una de las obras maestras de Vincenzo Bellini, …. text complete

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New Season Royal Theatre

The Royal Theater has presented this week the new season 15-16. A balanced season in terms of repertoire titles and those most unknown. Makes a clear commitment to co-productions with other theater rather than own. Which contributes to meeting the objective of adjusting the budget to the maximum. Increased number of representations. the elimination of the management fee to purchase tickets via the Internet. The programing, structured by titles …. text complete

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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

A large packaging as a curtain hides the surprise and the magic of the story that recreate the music of Humperdinck and scenery Pelly. A production of Hansel and Gretel, since its premiere in Madrid 1901, there had again been represented in this Theatre. Under the name of Märchenoper (opera-fairytale), Humperdinck puts music to the adaptation of the story by the Brothers Grimm. Eliminates the steepest parts and …. multimedia / …. text complete

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