Sonia de Munck Machado sings in the cycle Notes Ambigú the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The soprano Sonia de Munck hold the word melodic, tuned, Antonio Machado always accurate, poet of poets, popular voice of the soul, the recital in the cycle Notes Ambigú offer next Monday 24 June at 20h00 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. And the value of this happy exercise of poetic memory, in which the singer will be accompanied on piano by Aurelio Viribay, You have music as a natural vehicle. Compositions Joaquin Rodrigo, Antón García Abril, Jesus Garcia …. text complete

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The Teatro de la Zarzuela presents the season 2019/2020

They will be presented 11 lyrical titles, 7 new productions, 2 contemporary premieres, 1 replacement of own production and 2 Recoveries of our operatic heritage. Consolidated Zarza Project -zarzuela made by young people for young people will again be one of the jewels of the season, and educational projects involve the 20% programming cycle increases its offer with Concerts 11 proposals for some of the leading voices of opera, the flamenco …. text complete

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José Bros

Zarzuela night at the Royal Theater with José Bros

He 26 April at 20.00 hours, concert with tenor José Bros and soprano Ruth Iniesta. Tickets The zarzuela returns to Real Theater tenor José Bros hand, who has acted in the only two works of this genre appeared on its stage since the reopening, in 1997: African duo, of Manuel Fernández Caballero (2004) and Luisa Fernanda, Federico Torroba (2007). In addition to …. text complete

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the Barberillo 1

The Barberillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Barberillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la ZarzuelaEl Barberillo Lavapies is one of the top works of the Spanish lyric, not only the zarzuela. His music represents the true popular root of Madrid most traditional and customary. Alfredo Sanzol says, "It contains the musical force of an era". The libretto by Luis Mariano de Larra is surprisingly current. It could have been written yesterday, showing that the characteristics …. text complete

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The Barberillo Lavapies

“The Barberillo Lavapies” at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

This year marks 145 since 'The barberillo Lavapies' will be released in the Zarzuela Theater back in 1874. Throughout this time the work of Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, with magnificent libretto by Luis Mariano de Larra (son of romantic intellectual insightful 'Figaro'), He has ridden three different centuries with the same fate: the pleasure of the public, of music lovers, Theater enthusiasts height. a feast of …. text complete

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José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to the Teatro de La Zarzuela with El barberillo Lavapies

After leading the RTVE Symphony Orchestra 1 March with a symphonic program of works by Rachmaninov and Elgar, Madrid director Jose Miguel Pérez-Sierra will return in March and April at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid this time to take charge of a new production of The Barber of Lavapies, one of the most significant zarzuelas of Francisco Barbieri. In a montage of Alfredo Sanzol which adapts and updates …. text complete

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“La verbena de la Paloma” XXI Century Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela has been marked as essential purpose to popularize the genre that gives name, zarzuela, in this century that, who'd say, It is about to close its second decade. Add to loyal following that for years attends functions and is payable to the seasons, that other spectator who attends the theater not by prejudice towards gender or ignorance. Within this resolved …. text complete

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Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez in concert at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

If anything highlights the baritone Carlos Alvarez, in addition to its proximity bewitching, It is by having one of the major international races lately lyric. Give examples, They remembered as memorable performances in Don Carlo with Lorin Maazel at the Salzburg Festival; 'Otello' with Sir Colin Davis at the Barbican Center in London, 'I Pagliacci' Riccardo Chailly with the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam or in 'Don Giovanni' …. text complete

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Maria del Pilar

“Maria del Pilar”, another surprise Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela continue bailing titles of Spanish lyric genre who for various reasons had been forgotten. Some of these works, as María del Pilar, Gerónimo Giménez teacher, He not explained that they have lived so long in the ostracism. It premiered at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid 1902 Y, since then, never again knew. It seems that one of the reasons for these absences may be in a librettos …. text complete

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“Katiuska” inaugurated the opera season of the Teatro de la Zarzuela

After a season, the 17/18 complicated, the Teatro de la Zarzuela inaugurated the 18/19 with a more typical expectation and glamor of Milan Scale, but castizo. Nobody wanted to miss the event began with a poster relumbrón. Katiuska, Paul Sorozábal. After 37 years of absence in the street theater Jovellanos, He came with a cast to match any opera house ringside: Ainhoa ​​Arteta, …. text complete

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Mechanical Zarzuela

Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation presents "The mechanics zarzuela"

Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation presented last Friday 15 June programming Days of zarzuela 2018, at the headquarters of the SGAE. The event was Alberto González Lapuente intervention, director of the Conference of zarzuela, Antonio Gallego, patron of the Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation, and María Luz González Peña, director of the Center for Documentation and Archive of the SGAE (ECHR). "Mechanical zarzuela" is the title …. text complete

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Guerrero Foundation

Days of zarzuela of Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation celebrated its fifth edition

Days of zarzuela, that since 2013 organized by the Foundation Jacinto and Innocent Guerrero will hold its fifth edition 26 al 30 September 2018, in the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca. leading researchers, musicologists, interpreters, editors, programmers, producers and music critics will participate in the new edition of these meetings, which have already become a must for specialists, scholars and lovers of zarzuela. few days, in which, from a heterogeneous perspective, …. text complete

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The Tempest

“The Tempest” Chapí, 90 years later at the Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela plays a crucial role in preserving, study and recovery of our operatic heritage. And it is for this basic and essential reason, among other identical value, programming of 'The Tempest' (fantastic melodrama in three acts) It becomes one of the happy events of the season. The work of Ruperto Chapí, libretto by Miguel Ramos Carrión, It was a classic among classics, undisputed summit …. text complete

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El Cantor de Mexico

El Cantor de Mexico triumphs in the Zarzuela

He arrived at the Teatro de la Zarzuela operetta El Cantor de Mexico. composed in 1951 by the French, but Hispanic American, Francis Lopez, and written to be interpreted by the famous Luis Mariano, who came to interpreting in more than 850 occasions. His stage manager, Emilio Sagi, He adapted and updated the initial script, somewhat outdated, for release 2006 en el Théàtre Châtelet. Production has come to Madrid …. text complete

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El Cantor de Mexico

Zarzuela season opens “El Cantor de Mexico”

The Teatro de la Zarzuela opens on Friday 6 October (20:00h) the season 2017/2018, and will do so with the premiere in Madrid operetta 'The cantor of Mexico' by the French composer of Hispanic origin and up Basque Francis Lopez. The work is presented in a new production of Theater in co-production with the Opera de Lausanne. The scene -ingeniosa, funny and sometimes spectacularly certainly placing the plot in shooting …. text complete

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The white cat

“free education” Y “The white cat” in Zarzuela

With special interest expected the public for months assembling set of 'free education', Gerónimo Giménez composed and premiered at the Teatro Eslava in Madrid 1901, and 'The white cat', created by Gimenez and Amadeo Vives, and presented at the Comedy Theater in the capital 1905. The Teatro de la Zarzuela will house both gems of the genre guy for 17 functions, of the 6 al 28 of May, It conceived as a spectacle …. text complete

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Teatro de la Zarzuela

Teatro de la Zarzuela 16/17

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