10 Festival Ensembles years, the best contemporary music at the Canal Theater

Canal Theaters They present the tenth edition of the Festival ENSEMBLES, a sample of the best contemporary music of our country which can be enjoyed day 6, 13 Y 20 October in the Green Room.

Contemporary grouping Plural Ensemble presents this unique opportunity to meet leading groups presenting contemporary music to the public several generations of creators, stylistic trends and musicians today, also allowing an interactive discussion between the public.

6 October: Chamber Orchestra Auditorio de Zaragoza (Enigma group)
Snapshot(s) sonora(s)
The term "instant / a" can mean something ephemeral nature, which lasts an instant, or also that which it is immortalized by a photographic printing. Both definitions serve to illustrate the nature of this program.
Six -five compositions releases them absolute- which represent a sort of snapshot of the situation of contemporary composition in Spain; six authors from different generations and backgrounds, with equally diverse sound proposals.
each composition, It is a single snapshot of the sound imagery of each creator / a, but also, It is a part of that collective sound image, which it is this program, which is doomed to ephemeral, snapshot, musical performance.

Asier Puga, guest conductor

I concert
Eduardo Soutullo (1968), trade * ** (flt, cl, pno, wave, you) 9’
Nuria Núñez (1980), migration * ** (flt, cl, pno, wave, you) 12’
Luis Orús (1999), EKG* *** (flt, cl, pno, wave, you) 10’
II concert
Carles Guinovart (1941), Baroque suite for solo violin (2008) (wave) 12’
Miguel Matamoro (1991), Sottogrido * *** (flt, cl, wave, you) 10’
Nuria Gimenez-Comas (1980), Night 1* ** (flt, cl, pno*, wave, you) 9’30’’
**Custom OCAZEnigma / INAEM
***Custom OCAZEnigma
Antonio Nuez, flute
Emilio Ferrando, clarinet
Juan Carlos Segura, piano
Victor Parra, fiddle
Zsolt G. Tottzer, cello
Asier Puga, guest conductor

13 October: modern ensemble (Barcelona)
Sound essentially the essence of sound ...
The program the Ensemble Modern Barcelona presents this concert, It represents the purest form of ensemble: seriously address the work and dissemination of works of composers reference, and serve as a platform that drives the careers of young talents in the field of music composition today.
The play Seq, Young Spanish composer Pablo Gómez Andoni Olabarría, born as a scan process and the contrast between contrast considered generators musical form. All it combined with a set of proportions that locates the temporal aspect in the foreground. The duo for flute and piano by composer Hèctor Parra, Andante Suspended, It is a dialogue where the flute is the engine that drives the work while the piano creates harmonic resonance spaces, paper is reversed towards the second section, where the percussive attacks in the low register of the piano structure a sharp and abrupt speech. In trio III, Lopez Lopez, the granular treatment material and the sound modulations generate temporary independent layers overlaying time and cohabit, distinguished between them thanks to the internal rhythm, harmony, Ringers or in its dynamics, and they characterized by the way they evolve. Subtlety and elegance advance from a particle least sound to the overall color, proposing a journey where each note, each sound, It is poetry and beauty. Hyphen, Philippe Hurel, It is based on a group of reasons that allow the violin and the cello are in a shared homorrítmica figure, or in a distributed loop between the two instrumentalists that blocks the development of speech. From the point of view tímbrico, the cords are treated so that the two instruments end up sounding like one. Memories of the Abyss V, para piano solo, composer Demian Moon, explores the limits of impossibility, Heartbreak, loneliness. Sound filter never becomes manifest in full, that is gradually transforming, unraveling, changing. A deep and complex music, with a virtuosic writing demands and leads to limit the instrumentalist. Units of-twist, the young Argentine composer Damian Gorandi, It is a work built with different units of noise at different scales, where the composer explores the connections and multiple interactions 'matter' in a continuous temporal flow. energy extreme contrasts, either in excess or total lack thereof, and sublimating narrative gestures, spaces and materials, that is as fragile as wild.

Demian Moon Composer / Artistic Director BME
Seq (2018)* -flute, saxo, fiddle, cello and piano. Paul A. Gómez Olabarría (1993)
Andante Suspended (2003) -flute and piano. Hèctor Parra (1976)
trio III (2008) -fiddle, cello and piano. Jose Manuel López López (1956)
Hyphen (2013) -violin and cello. Philippe Hurel (1955)
Memories of the Abyss V (2017-18) -plan just-. Demian Month (1975)
Units of-twist (2019)* -flute, saxophone, fiddle, cello and piano. Damian Gorandi (1991)

*Work encargo Ensemble Modern Barcelona / Barcelona Modern International Composition Course.
Joan Pons, flute
Silvia Sanagustin, saxo
Takao Hyakutome, fiddle
Monica Marino, cello
David Casanova, piano
Xavier Pagès-Corella, director
Demian Month, art director

20 October: sound workshop (Sevilla)
Since its inception in 2000, Sound workshop progresses endlessly in two main directions: the interpretation of the most current and radical music in his aesthetic proposal to bring the Spanish and international public with the highest degree of rigor and commitment, and support for young composers (including a permanent teaching work) offering the group as a useful and professional tool to fully develop their creative bet.
As a sign of this concern, Taller Sonoro has undertaken several national projects and international. during his 17 years of existence has visited the cities of Cadiz, Granada, Córdoba, Málaga, Almería, Madrid, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza, Logroño, Barcelona, Saint Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Alicante and Valencia. Internationally, he has performed in cities and festivals of Bordeaux, Vienna, Zurich, nice, Paris, Roma, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Bremen and Cologne. Singularly, It is a group of notable presence in Latin American latitudes: Peru (Lima 2007 Y 2008), Mexico (Morelia 2010; Mexico City 2016, 2017. 2018 Y 2019), Argentina (Rosario and Buenos Aires 2011), Colombia (Bogotá 2012, 2018) and has concerts scheduled for the coming months in Milan, Trento, Perpignan, Madrid, Bilbao, Cádiz, Logroño, Sevilla and Mexico City.
Joao Ceitil - ChacoN (fl, cl, minute, pn, vn, you) ** 7’
Jacobo Durán Loriga - Qliphoth (fl, cl, pn) * 12’
César Camarero - Monógolo III (minute.) 6’ *
Juan de Dios Garcia Aguilera - Bisal (Shinkai) (fl, cl, pn) * 10’
Alberto Carretero - Paralels lifes (cl, minute, pn, vn, you) 10’
* Work premiere
** written work for Taller Sonoro
Jesus Sanchez Valladares, flute
Antonio Salguero, clarinet
Baldomero Lloréns, percussion
Ignacio Torner, piano
Alejandro Tuñón, fiddle
Maria del Carmen Coronado, cello
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