ABAO presents its new season 19/20


He 19 October is inaugurated the 68º Temporada de ABAO Bilbao Opera. The Association initiates a new phase with an eye to the future, new projects, activities and programming that grows in new titles and cultural program.

68Th Opera Season

  • Reference figures both in music as in the scenic
  • Five unreleased productions in the country
  • Co-productions with some of the leading theaters of international opera scene
  • Two new titles join the Bilbao Opera repertoire ABAO: Jerusalem, anteúltimo title in Tutto Verdi project, Y La Fanciulla del West

The season 2019-2020 It brings programming that grows in new titles and cultural program, with co striking and reference figures both in music as in the scenic. Donizetti, opens and closes the new season consists of five major works spanning 80 year history of opera.

A new season with titles in Italian, French and German and the debuting 15 singers, two prestigious Italian masters, al frente de la Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, de la Symphony Orchestra and of the Verum, and a stage manager. Joining them outstanding performers who succeed in the major opera houses of the world. The BBVA Foundation whose distinguishing feature is the impulse to scientific knowledge and cultural creation, Bilbao Opera collaborates with ABAO as the main sponsor of the season.

Gaetano Donizetti


19, 21, 25, 26 (New Opera) Y 28 October 2019

  • In the main roles Jessica Pratt, one reference Lucia, Ismael Jordi and Juan Jesus Rodriguez
  • Lorenzo Mariani signed a co-production of ABAO, national premiere, innovative and timeless
  • In the pit, Riccardo Frizza, Donizetti musical responsable del Festival al frente de la Symphony

Open season Lucia of Lammermoor de Gaetano Donizetti, considered the masterpiece of musical career teacher Bergamo, This is one of the most emblematic operas bel canto and a true archetype of romantic Italian opera. His argument is the romantic ideal, the impossible union between two lovers who because of the pettiness of man, adversity and fate, they can only see their wishes fulfilled with death.

Giving life to loving couple soprano Jessica Pratt, one of the most acclaimed sopranos today, the tenor Ismael Jordi, and baritone Juan Jesus Rodriguez completing the protagonist trio.

In the musical section returns to the Italian master Bilbao Riccardo Frizza, great connoisseur of the repertoire and musical responsible for the Donizetti Festival in Bergamo, to head the Symphony.

Staged the premiere nationwide co-produced by ABAO Bilbao Opera, el Teatro Comunale di Bologna, the Teatro Carlo Felice and the Slovak National Theater, signed Lorenzo Mariani, current conception in which video projections recreate a windy and dark character of the Scottish Highlands. The story moves to the controversial years 30 twentieth century, a period in which the hopes and degeneration of utopias led the world into authoritarian follies.

He 26 October this title will feature New Opera. This initiative sociocultural ABAO Bilbao Opera, celebrates its fourteenth edition and aims to bring opera to society, with well-known titles and tickets to 50% of their usual price. The cast protagonist is played by Marina Monzó, Giulio Pelligra Y Esteve Manel.

Giuseppe Verdi


16, 19,22 Y 25 November 2019

  • For the first time in Bilbao Opera repertoire ABAO
  • Jorge de León debut and returns Ignacio Dew and Michele Pertusi
  • In the musical director Francesco Ivan Ciampa, expert in the Verdian repertoire
  • modern and suggestive Francisco Negrin production

In November it premieres in Bilbao Opera ABAO Jerusalem, first opera composed by Verdi for the Paris Opera. This historical drama based on The Lombards in the First Crusade It is much more than a mere adaptation of this work. The result is an opera with new text, new music, variations in the argument and ballet, essential requirement of the French public. At the end of the functions of this title only you miss a single title by climbing scene in the Tutto Verdi flagship project: Alzira.

The protagonist trio headed canary Jorge de León, considered one of the best contemporary tenors, in what will be his debut in Bilbao. Beside the soprano Rocío Ignacio and Italian under Michele Pertusi.

Attentive to the baton Francesco Ivan Ciampa, verdiano expert in the universe who returns to Bilbao after his outstanding intervention Stifelio (2017), the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra.

Premiere at the country co-production of ABAO Bilbao Opera and Theater Bonn conceived by Francisco Negrín which garnered a resounding success with audiences and critics in his presentation in Bonn 2016, being the first time this title is represented in Germany. The staging places the action at the time of the Crusades with a job that combines technology, history and modern elements to create a tremendously symbolic verdiano universe that is continuous presence of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Richard Wagner


18, 21, 24 Y 27 from January 2020

  • Debuts the Bryn Terfel e Irene Theorin
  • Pedro Halffter in the pit in front of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra
  • Guy Montavon premiere production in the country
  • BBVA Foundation sponsors

The Flying Dutchman Richard Wagner fourth opera whose central theme is redemption through love, opens 2020 sponsored by the BBVA Foundation. With this title the German composer breaks for the first time with part of the charges set at the opera, plasma a new model of operatic composition, it departs from historical themes and introduces what will be the new compositional form: the musical drama.

The protagonist duo, debuts low-baritone Bryn Terfel, Best Flying Dutchman moment and soprano Irene Theorin, one of the greatest representatives of German repertoire.

To drive this vital music opera and impetuous, teacher Pedro Halffter, expert Wagnerian, in front of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra.

Erfurt Theater production directed by Guy Montavon, unprecedented in the State, It is innovative and contextualized in a universe today.

Giacomo Puccini


15, 18, 21 Y 24 February 2020

  • For the first time in Bilbao Opera repertoire ABAO
  • Oksana Dicka debut and returns Marco Berti and Claudio Sgura
  • Josep Caballé-Domenech's musical section al frente de la Symphony
  • Coproduction of ABAO Bilbao Opera conceived by Hugo de Ana with a staging that recreates the best Far West
  • BBVA Foundation sponsors

La Fanciulla del West Puccini arrives in February sponsored by the BBVA Foundation. Premiere in Bilbao of the most colorful score, harmonious and subtle Italian master, which tells the story of romantic and poetic Minnie in the cruel world without laws prospectors American Wild West.

The cast of this opera that explores the psychological value of all characters, the debut of the soprano Oksana Something, a female singer with commitments in Verona, New York or Venice, and tenor returns Marco Berti and baritone Claudio Sgura.

In the pit, Opera returns to ABAO Bilbao after a successful address Roberto Devereux in 2015 teacher Josep Caballé Domenech, Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota, and Chief Conductor of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, which will be in front of the Symphony to direct the opera Puccini orchestration largest catalog.

One of the great stage directors of the moment, Hugo de Ana, ABAO co-production firm Bilbao Opera and the Teatro San Carlo di Napoli which can be seen for the first time in the country. De Ana, also in charge of scenery and costumes, It is inspired by the harsh and poetic realism found in the stories of the Old West. The action takes place in a camp of prospectors, Recalling the staging of a typical Western movie.

Gaetano Donizetti


16, 19, 22, 25 of May 2020

  • Quartet of protagonists stars: Angela Meade, Silvia Tro Santafe, Roberto Tagliavini and Celso Albelo
  • classic production conceived by debutant Stefano di Pralafera Mazzonis
  • Presentation Giampaolo Bisanti front of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra

Anna Bolena first title of the "trilogy of Donizetti queens" or "Tudor trilogy" closes the season in May. ABAO Bilbao Opera and the famous trilogy closes after having represented Maria Stuarda Y Roberto Devereux in 2013 Y 2015 respectively. This opera that consolidates the musician of Bergamo and great interest for its formal beauty, It is based on the last stage of life of Anna Bolena, second wife of Henry VIII of England.

Topping the great deal of this work soprano Angela Meade, undisputed queen of Metropolitan, And next three great voices of the international operatic repertoire: mezzosoprano Silvia Tro Santafe, who returns to Bilbao after his excellent Adalgisa in Rule in 2018, the bass Roberto Tagliavini and tenor Celso Albelo.

On stage premiere nationwide ABAO a co-production of Opera Bilbao, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liege, the Royal Opera House Muscat and Opera de Lausanne devised by debutant ABAO Stefano Mazzonis of Pralafera. Classic-cut, this innovative and original staging places the story in 1536 London being the costumes and characters an accurate reflection of who represent, Henry VIII is dressed as paints Hans Holbein the Younger in his iconic portrait.

In the musical section is presented in Bilbao demanding and perfectionist baton Giampaolo Bisanti to the front of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra directing one of the best scores of Donizetti.

He Bilbao Opera Choir, directed by Boris Dujin, deals with the choral part of the season.


  • Two new releases in ABAO Bilbao Opera: Stabat Mater Y Giovanna D'Arco
  • Four large Rossini voices: Joyce El-Khoury, Mariana Pizzolato, Paolo Fanale and Simon Orfila
  • Debut Music Director of the San Francisco Opera, Nicola Luisotti
  • Concert outside fertilizer
  • BBVA Foundation sponsors

He 25 of April there will be a new edition of The concert with the premiere in Bilbao Opera repertoire ABAO two works by Rossini: Giovanna D'Arco, sung para solo, Y Stabat Mater, a large choral-symphonic work operatic marking, sponsored by the BBVA Foundation. The concert will be a unique representation, outside fertilizer.

To treat such a deep religious text, Rossini composed a work of great theatricality and feeling. Passionate and moved spirit of the work gives an almost physical feeling the pain of the Virgin. An impression that empathizes with the audience's emotions, through seductive melodies and a resplendent and radiant orchestration, whose pastoral about the divine to the human.

To interpret these two works Swan of Pesaro, ABAO Bilbao Opera has assembled a select quartet singers Rossini: soprano Joyce El-Khoury, mezzosoprano Mariana Pizzolato, the tenor Paolo Fanale, debuting, and low Simon Orfila.

The musical direction is provided by the teacher Nicola Luisotti, associate director of the Royal Theater and musical director of San Francisco Opera until last year, which will be in front of the Verum Symphony Orchestra.


  • 17 functions, spread over 4 titles designed for audiences of different ages
  • In Christmas, New coproduction of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, ABAO Bilbao Opera and Chamber Opera Navarra
  • 18.700 expected viewers
  • 3.300 school of 50 schools participate in school functions

The opera season conceived to awaken the cultural interests of the younger and be enjoyed with family, reaches its fifteenth edition with four indispensable to seduce new generations of spectators at the Teatro Arriaga titles.

The large puppets of dramatized concert Dreaming The Carnival of the Animals with music Debussy Y Saint-Saëns and devised by Etcetera Company, season opens in October; Ali baba and the forty thieves, adaptation of the folktale "The Arabian Nights" with music Iñigo Casalí and stage direction of Pablo Ramos arrives in January with a new co-production of ABAO and Navarra Chamber Opera; in February Cinderella, new adaptation of the famous tale of Perrault, created by Joan Font (comedians) on Cinderella from Rossini; and closes the season in May Guillermo Tell, from immortal opera Rossini, The Baldufa company creates a fast-paced and fun environment adaptation to the exciting adventures of the Swiss hero.

The fifteenth season ABAO TXIKI has a planned capacity of 18.700 viewers, and it is secured both artistic appearance and educationally, with 3.300 students of 50 centers participating in the 3 school functions, within the educational program ABAO Bilbao Opera, and are expected 15.400 spectators in 14 Family sessions functions, that they are developed through the social program of the Association.


  • Continued collaboration with Fundación Juan March and the Teatro de la Zarzuela with a new opera hall
  • 1.290 expected viewers

ABAO Bilbao Opera continues its collaboration with the Juan March Foundation and the Teatro de la Zarzuela, with the staging of a new opera hall Sevillian composer Manuel Garcia at Sala BBK Bilbao. The objective of this initiative is twofold, on the one hand retrieve a secular operatic tradition and on the other, open a new way to approach opera, creating a space for all audiences with quality shows at greatly reduced prices. The work will have two didactic performances and an open public function, with an estimated participation 1.290 viewers.



  • 4 new meetings in the cycle Opera Bihotzetik
  • The lecture series introduction to the opera presents 6 new papers
  • 3.290 intended participants
  • New edition of the Book of the season with internationally renowned authors
  • collaboration with cultural institutions of the town is secured, like the Museum of Fine Arts, Deusto Forum, Sala BBK or the Arriaga Theater

ABAO Bilbao Opera maintains an extensive cultural program with free and accessible activities for all with the aim of bringing opera to all audiences by creating spaces for cultural and art.

He Cultural program It is supported with activities such as Lecture free in the Auditorium of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum which involved more than 1.200 fans every season and featuring renowned speakers such as Luis Gago, Ruben Amon or Pilar Jurado, among others

The initiative Opera heart at Deusto Forum designed for all audiences, promotes so close and accessible knowledge of opera through the experience of great figures. This season will have four new games with more than 800 attendees expected.

A new edition of Book of the Season, directed by Luis Gago, You will be released in October for, hand of renowned authors, critics, musicologists and scholars, better know the titles of the 68th Season.


  • 30 year educational program around the opera
  • 422 activities 5 action programs
  • Near 28.000 beneficiaries
  • The "Opera and +" program at the Hospital de Cruces expands its reach
  • Hundreds of young people participate in the initiative each season Gazteam Abao

He courseware de ABAO, pillar of the institution and the longest-serving state originally launched ago 30 years. It is based on active collaboration with 175 schools and universities that arrives every year 20.400 Attendees participating in 350 scheduled activities.

The program "Opera and +" seeks to contribute through opera emotional well-being of patients, family and medical personnel in the areas of nephrology, pediatrics and neonatology at the University Hospital of Cruces, with the support of the Repsol Foundation and this year it has joined the oncology unit Day Hospital. An activity that in its fourth edition will develop over 50 of activities in which they participate near 1.750 beneficiaries.

New Opera, about a title each season 2.000 spectators with tickets at half their usual price. This season will be in October, with Lucia of Lammermoor.

The program for young people under 30 years Gazteam Abao, It has flat rates 25 30 € to go to the opera in any function or title and the best seats available. Near 500 Young people enjoy this advantage and participate in events, visits and other activities.

Collaboration with classroom experience and cultural centers for the elderly both universities and municipalities in different towns of Bizkaia, Gasteiz, Burgos or Santander to attend rehearsals features 3.300 participants

ABAO ACCESIBLE, Wide range of prices

  • 34 categories of fertilizer
  • 5 fertilizer types of family functions for children and youth
  • entries 10 different areas ranges between 37 and 59 € for youth up 35 years
  • 7 areas with anywhere between 56 and 89 € for over 36 years
  • Gazteam Abao of tariff plan 25 and 35 € at any location, title or function.
  • Lucia de Lammermoor in October from 15 to 24 € Opera Berri function
  • dress rehearsals for 10 €

The Bilbao Opera Season offers 34 categories of fertilizer Partner with prices starting from 237 € 36 years and 167 € for youth up 35 years, including membership fees, Y five types of fertilizers family Function of the season Abao Txiki priced between 31 and 53 €.

Tickets are available with wide range of prices. Youth there 10 areas between 37and 59 € and 13 ranging in price from 60 and 105 €. For those over 36 years, there is 7 areas with locations between 56 y 89€ y 16 with prices starting from 104 €.

The Opera Berri function from Lucia of Lammermoor he 26 October is available tickets € 15-18 for youth up 35 24-29 years € for adults.

The concert has 14 different areas with prices ranging from € 15-30 for youth up 35 € 30-55 years and for over 36.

There are also locations "last minute"And tickets rehearsals from 10 €

further, those under 30 years can enjoy all season Gazteam tariff plan, any title, function and the best seats available, 25 € Youth to 25 years and if they are between 30 € 26 Y 30 years.

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