CNDM presents its season 17/18


The CNDM in its season eight will arrange 330 activities different in 28 Spanish cities from 13 autonomous communities, in addition to 10 foreign cities from many other countries.

Of the 272 concerts planned, 107 will be offered in Madrid Y 165 outside of the Spanish capital.

The international presence grows significantly and will be developed in 9 European cities (Brussels, Bucharest, Elvas, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Lyon, Milan, Sofia, Trondheim [Norway]) Y an American (Bogotá).

The residences from the center increase to four in the season 17/18: the figures of artist in Residence, with the german baritone Matthias Goerne (Weimar, 1967) and of Resident Composer, with Jesus Torres (Zaragoza, 1965) and two new ones are created:Resident Baroque Set (music) Y Resident Quartet (Cuarteto Casals)

Articulate two great transversal cycles in the general program dedicated to the great Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi (#Monteverdi4.5.0, to commemorate the 450 anniversary of his birth) and the great Viennese musician Franz Schubert (#Schubert cycle, focused on liederistics production).

HE will recover 25 new works of the Spanish musical heritage and They will be released 75 new scores, 46 commissioned by the CNDM (an absolute record in the history of the Center, that since 2011 has already released 207 works with 119 charges).

Essential artists return in the different musical genres: Martha Argerich, William Christie, Menahem Pressler, Jordi Savall, Leo Nucci, Michael Nyman, Rocío Márquez, Diana Damrau O Chick Corea, to which new ones join: Pedro Iturralde, Franco Fagioli, Sarah Chang, Lucero Tena, Juan Dog, Cristina Branco, Thomas Quasthoff (singing jazz), Piotr Beczala, Alba Molina or the great composers Arvo Pärt and Toshio Hosokawa.

Education will again be of paramount importance with 58 free activities in 12 Spanish cities and 2 foreign, in coproduction with 17 academic institutions and 73 free admission concerts (40% of the total).

The CNDM will collaborate in the season 17/18 with 110 public institutions and private entities.

Director General of INAEM, Montserrat Iglesias with Antonio Moral, director of the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), They presented this morning at a press conference season 17/18 This center. He CNDM, organizational unit of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), proposes for your season eight an intense and extensive program that maintains your spirit of recover and spread our vast historical heritage and cultivated popular music such as flamenco and jazz, incentivize the current membership and attract new audiences to classical music, or those less frequent genres, through the various activities organized autonomously or in collaboration with more than a hundred national and international institutions.

The season 2017/18 It is composed of a total of 330 different activities that will take place from the 29 June 2017 al 2 July 2018. The program will take place in Madrid capital and in others 27 cities Spanish from 13 autonomous communities, to which must be added an American city (Bogotá) Y 9 european in 9 countries (Brussels, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Lyon, Milan, Sofia, Trondheim and the Portuguese city of Elvas, reaching a total of 38 different cities) with a wide range of concerts, educational sessions, music academies, interpretation courses, master classes, roundtables and lectures by outstanding performers and creators. Total, will occur 272 concerts, of which 165 will be offered outside the Spanish capital and there will be 73 free concerts. The programming of the 17/18 has 71 Spanish groups (123 national artists) Y 41 foreign groups (106 foreign artists).

The 107 concerts organized in Madrid are divided into 10 fertilizer cycles (Baroque Universe –Symphonic and Chamber–, Series 20/21, Borders, Liceo de Cámara XXI, Andalucía Flamenca, Jazz at the Auditorium, Lied, Bach Vermouth and Summer Counterpoint) in addition to the pedagogical and social project "We all create") and will take place at the National Music Auditorium, Zarzuela Theater and Auditorium 400 the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Nnchhahris). The CNDM will collaborate with 110 public institutions and private entities. In Spain will do so to co-produce the cycles that make up the part of Historical Music of Leon (León Cathedral International Organ Festival -FIOCLE- and the cycle at the Ciudad de León Auditorium next to the City Hall), the three cycles ofcurrent music in Alicante, Santiago de Compostela and Badajoz and the two baroque in Oviedo and Salamanca, in addition to the concerts co-produced by the cathedral councils included in the series The organ in the Cathedrals. Stable collaboration with the cities of Segovia continues (Foundation Juan de Borbon), Cáceres (Conservatory) and the international music festivals of Cádiz, Sevilla, Úbeda-Baeza and Zamora. The CNDM has strengthened its alliances with the L´Auditori de Barcelona (creating the Schubert Lied cycle, co-produced by Franz Schubert Association of Barcelona), he Bastion Museum of Pamplona (with the Actual Beethoven cycle) and we started the collaboration with the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville with two piano cycles: the aforementioned Beethoven Actual and the new Beethoven series by Liszt; and launches new projects in Malpartida de Cáceres (Vostell Malpartida Museum) Y Panticosa (Huesca).

The international program grows exponentially repeating the collaboration for the third year with the Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá (Colombia) and with the neighboring Portuguese city of Elvas. Last year's success with the Europe project: the string quartet in Spain together with the Instituto Cervantes has made the cycle reach Bucharest(Romania) Y Sofia (Bulgaria) and that a second series of concerts be added: Europe project: A musical pilgrimage in the Europe of Charles V with the set musicas the protagonist and a journey that will take them from Jerónimos Church in Madrid a Lyon (France), Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg, Frankfurt (Germany) Y Milan (Italy) following the path of Flanders. To all this must be added the first collaboration of the center with the Trondheim Baroque Music Festival (Norway).

Residents and transversal cycles

The current season doubles the "residences" of the CNDM until reaching four. The Aragonese Jesus Torres (Zaragoza, 1965) it will be Resident Composer, that today is in full creative maturity and will present a total of ten works, written between 2001 Y 2018, where four absolute premieres are included, and the prestigious German baritoneMatthias Goerne (Weimar, 1967) as Resident Artist so linked for two decades to the Lied Cycle, and that in this new season it will be present in the four main music venues in Madrid: Teatro de la Zarzuela, Teatro Real and Auditorio Nacional de Música (Symphony and Chamber), throughout six important concerts. To these two sections are added that of Resident Baroque Set, that the Renaissance vocal ensemble will show music, directed by Raúl Mallavibarrena, commemorating his first 25 years of artistic life, and will offer ten concerts in Madrid, Lion, Bogotá, Milan, Lyon, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Brussels; and of Resident Quartet, occupied by the Cuarteto Casals, which celebrates this year the twenty of its creation in Madrid after a happy journey for which it is recognized as one of the best quartets in the world.

Two great protagonists will occupy the attention of two transversal cycles. On the one hand, #Monteverdi4.5.0 will remember the four and a half centuries of the birth of Claudio Monteverdi, with 21 concerts spread over 7 Cities from Badajoz to Bogotá, passing through Salamanca, Lion, Sevilla, Oviedo and Madrid with international interpreters as relevant as Alessandrini, Hengelbrock, Antonacci, Invernizzi or Mingardo, and Spanish musicians of the stature of the Zapico brothers and the Alqhai, Andueza, Almajano, Mena or the cantaora Rocío Márquez with directors such as Mallavibarrena or Heras-Casado. The second pillar will be Franz Schubert y # Schubert cycle, where we focus on its abundant liederistic production, with the inclusion of its three major song cycles in the XXIV Lied Cycle of the Teatro de la Zarzuela (performed by baritone Matthias Goerne and pianist Markus Hinterhäuser) and six more recitals by as many young singers, four of them in Barcelona. In Badajoz and Madrid we will listen to the very interesting orchestral version for tenor of Winterreise arranged by Hans Zender and in the Balneario de Panticosa (Huesca) we will have the opportunity to listen to a mini festival dedicated to the Austrian genius.

Creation and current performers

The contemporary creation continues to be a fundamental pillar in the CNDM programming, encouraging the composition of new pages and expanding the knowledge of the less traveled repertoire of the past century. This year they will see the light 75 new works, 46 of which will be commissioned by the CNDM. Among the most important premieres of the coming months are the string quartets commissioned by Gabriel Erkoreka (Meta4) YManuel Hidalgo (Gerhard) or the first Quartet with piano from Jesus Torres (Notos), in this desire to multiply an essential genre in the history of modern music, so complex and difficult to compose. On the other hand, we will have absolute premieres of two other international personalities already essential in today's creation: Arvo Pärt (1935) which will be performed by Ars Nova Copenhagen and Toshio Hosokawa (1955), by the Pahud-Queyras-Le Sage Trio, that add to the long list of premieres (that already add up 207 since 2011) from other illustrious composers, who have written new works commissioned by the CNDM: György Kurtág (1926), Cristobal Halffter (1930), Luis de Pablo (1930), Antón García Abril (1933), Krzysztof Penderecki (1933), Tomás Marco (1942), Mario Lavista (1943), Peter Eötvös (1944), Mauricio Sotelo (1962) o Jörg Widmann (1973), plus many others from younger generations (including the SGAE-CNDM Foundation Young Composers Award). This firm commitment to current creation keeps us, with 119 orders carried out to date, in the first division of European contemporary music.

Would have to highlight the presence of the great Argentine pianist Martha Argerich and the nonagenarian Menahem Pressler, inside the Liceo de Cámara XXI, the tribute concert that we will do to the legendary Spanish saxophonist Pedro Iturralde, the presentation in Spain with his Berlin jazz group of the baritone Thomas Quasthoff, the new date with the great American pianist Chick Corea and the return to the Auditorium of names as charismatic as JPardo barley, China Moses y Uri Caine or the debut of the Italian pianist Stefano Bollani. In our cycle flamenco, in addition to mythical names of cante such as José de la Tomasa, L'Mkanita, Luis El Zambo, Pedro the Granaino, Carmen de la Jara, Maria Earthquake, La Tremendita O Duquende, the new generation will also be present withManuel Lombo, Alba Molina or Rocío Márquez, which will be presented in the Symphonic Hall surrounded by great names in flamenco, as it happened with Arcángel last season. In the cycle Borders The minimalist pianist and composer returns to the Symphonic Hall of the Auditorium Michael Nyman to celebrate with his band the forty years they have been on the stages of half the world. In the meantime, in the Chamber Hall the fados of Cristina Branco with the innovative flamenco of seven great current European composers who have composed their music for cantaor Jesús Méndez and the Trio Arbós. The classical pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo will be present together with the voices of Archangel, Rocío Márquez and María Toledo, also a renowned flamenco pianist. Jordi Savall will establish his particular dialogue between the Baroque and the ancestral musics of the East and the West. The great jazz double bass player Javier Colina will be truffled with the flamenco guitar of Josemi Carmona and the acoustics of Santiago Auserón and Joan Vinyals in The Journey of Juan Perro; Y Xavier de Maistre with the greatest castanet player in history: the legendary Lucero Tena.

The success of the organ and chamber music

Successful Organ Programming Will Continue Cycle Bach Vermouth with a new installment of ten concerts expanding the repertoire and featuring essential names from the international organistic world both in Madrid and in the nine Spanish cathedrals (Lion, Alcalá de Henares, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria -first visit of the CNDM to the Canary Islands-, Cuenca, Logroño, Pamplona, Salamanca, Segovia and Valencia) in the second edition of the series The organ in the Cathedrals.

The cycle Liceo de Cámara XXI presents again a extraordinary concert in the Symphonic Hall with Martha Argerich (this time with the pianist too Gabriele Baldocci) and also maintains excellence in Chamber Hall with soloists like Menahem Pressler(who will offer a solo concert and another accompanied by the Pacifica Quartet), Christian Zacharias, Tabea Zimmermann, Matthias Goerne, Javier Perianes, Emmanuel Pahud, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Eric Le Sage, Adolfo Gutierrez Arenas, Christopher Park, Alexandre Tharaud, Joaquín Riquelme, Sarah Chang, Julio Elizalde, Vera Martinez Mehner, Andoni Mercero, Cristina Gomez Godoy, Pablo Ferrández, Juan Perez Floristánplus some of the best quartets in the world (Belcea, Jerusalem, Meta4, Manderling and Quiroga) and the Zimmermann Trio.

He Lied, already in its twenty-fourth edition, will continue to count on the best voices that cultivate this special genre and that have made Madrid one of the centers of international reference in this field. Besides of baritone Matthias Goerne in three recitals, we will have the opportunity to discover in this highly specialized vocal genre one of the most sought-after tenors of today: Piotr Beczala, as well as the Swedish mezzo-sopranoAnn Hallenberg, countertenor Xavier Sabata or the young German sopranos Hanna-Elisabeth Müller y Anna Lucia Richter. Two fancy Italian voices, soprano Anna Caterina Antonacci and baritone Leo Nucci, in addition to Diana Damrau, will complete the liederístico poster of the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

The importance of education

Education acquires, as in past courses, paramount importance 58 various activities spread throughout twelve Spanish cities, a portuguese (Elvas) and an American (Bogotá), co-produced with five Spanish universities(Oviedo, Lion, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Complutense de Madrid), five music conservatories in the Iberian Peninsula (Alicante, Badajoz, Madrid, Oviedo and Elvas in Portugal), two schools of secondary Community of Madrid(who will participate in the seventh edition of the Pedagogical Project, coordinated by the teacher Fernando Palacios), three festivals (Contemporary Music Vostell Malpartida, Spanish Music from Cádiz and Contemporary Music from Tres Cantos), the Goethe-Institut(with the conference "Interactions XXI", dedicated to musical creation in both countries) Y the Reina Sofía School of Music. In the University of Salamanca will take place, for the fifth year, an intensive program of lectures and workshops interpretation, crosscutting, focused on the field of "historically informed" early and baroque music. At Auditorium of León will be held on VII Baroque Vocal Interpretation Course, annually taught by the director, harpsichordist and musicologist Eduardo López Banzo.

New audiences

The CNDM maintains its interest in encouraging and promoting the incorporation of new audiences to its different informative and educational programs. In a very special way, it focuses its activity on young people minor 26 years for those who develop a wide range of possibilities, including offers important advantages in acquiring inputs or fertilizers, especially through the Last Minute program (with a discount from 60%, for seats purchased from one hour before the start of the concerts) and stable agreements with numerous schools for students, actively participating in courses and cycles, coproduced together, they can attend free concerts and other activities organized by the center in different Spanish cities. In this season The unemployed will also benefit from the Last Minute discount and the discount of 20% for all students, large families and older 65 years. In addition, the 58 free educational activities and 73 free admission concerts (131 activities at no cost, what does the 40% of the total CNDM programming), in order to bring music to all audiences and especially the youngest. Last season, Radio Clásica and TVE endorsed their support for our programming with the recording and broadcasting of 35 concerts on the radio and 4 by 2, the latter with a total audience of 152.000 viewers.

Sale of season tickets and tickets

The renewal of subscriptions for all the cycles programmed in the National Music Auditorium, except Summer Counterpoint, will be available of the 31 May to 5 of July, at the box office of the National Auditorium, Y 902 22 49 49, and the sale of new season tickets 11 July to 9 of September. The free tickets, if any,for all concerts scheduled in the Symphonic Hall will be on sale from 11 of July, with entries 5 a 40 euros, while for the Cycles of the Chamber Chamber can be purchased from 12 of September, with prices of 10 a 20 euros. He XXIV Lied, scheduled at the Teatro de La Zarzuela, keeps your locations 4 a 35 euros, and the Series 20/21 programmed in the Reina Sofia Museum will remain with free access until full capacity of the room.

The images of the season 17/18 They are original works of the Madrid artists Pilar Perea and Jesús Perea.