Unsummoned downtime 'The barmaid port’ at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The barmaid port

Unsummoned downtime 'The barmaid port’

The paros provided for 'The barmaid port’ have been desconvocados “Immediately”, and therefore the public can enjoy the last three features of this title:

– of today Friday 18 of May to 20h00

– of tomorrow Saturday 19 of May to 20h00

La del Sunday 20 of May to 18h00

He Teatro de la Zarzuela presents 'The barmaid port’, masterpiece Pablo Sorozábal y una de las essential jewels of the repertoire. Historia de adventure, loves sailors Y smuggling que transcurre a bordo de una absolutely great music.



Pablo Sorozábal


Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez-Shaw,

based on a sailor romancillo (1935) Federico Romero

Premiered at the Tivoli Theater in Barcelona, he 6 May 1936,

and the Teatro de la Zarzuela, he 23 March 1940