International Dance Day


The Canal theaters of Madrid invite dance lovers to celebrate International Dance Day with sudden Dances, unpredictable Microdances created for the occasion that will surprise the audience during his visit to the Canal Theater. The visits, free admission until full capacity, will take place during the morning 29 April three times: the 11.30, to 12.30 and 13.30. This activity is part of the programming of the parties 2 May the Community of Madrid.

Companies that have created the choreography and show during the day are the pharmaco, Gemma Morado always with, ZukDance, Company Peter Agardi, Company Lucia Marote Y The weight of the soul. All of them are currently in temporary residence in the Canal Dance Center. Dance studios Canal Center have been the birthplace of more than 100 choreographic shows and choreographic or interpretive work carried out by a 700 professionals

Choreographies created specifically for companies resident in the Canal Dance Center

The company Peter Agardi contemporary dance began its journey in autumn 2012. His first creation, roots, It has been performed under the choreographic residence in Canal Dance Center 2013. His intention is to bring contemporary dance to any kind of public playing on the sensuality of high quality movement.

The ZukDance Company raised as a collective of several artists in various art forms that bind (music, plastic arts.. etc.). The company is led by Itsaso. A. Cano, that after ten years as a choreographer in other companies, Last year he began his solo career with his first work long format ZUK, He received in 2013 the first prize in the Young Artists Competition and was awarded in the Contest DEUNAPIEZA.

Company Gemma Morado, directed by Gemma Morado is faithful to his passion for storytelling dancing, working to demonstrate that dance is the universal language of communication that entertains, prevents, complaint, excites, moves and moves.

Since 2009, The pharmaco investigates its own conception of the movement and the scene with "daring and innovative proposals that break the barrier between text, dance and theater gesture, positioning the company with a repertoire of cult ".

The Weight of the Soul, hip hop dance company created in 2010 and settled in Madrid, It is composed of dancers from different countries and different aspects of dance, which gives the particularity of being able to address various styles (Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Lockin, contemporary dance and circus arts).

Marote Lucia was born in Costa Rica and develops his career as a dancer and creator in Madrid. His works are characterized by great physical involvement, and the search for honesty and connection both in the creative process as interpreting.