Two jewels of Spanish Baroque at the Teatro de la Zarzuela


On the occasion of the tercentenary of his death, the Teatro de la Zarzuela has two master's works Sebastian Duron (1660-1716). The dual program comprises "War of the Giants" and "The most impossible love, Love overcomes him”. Two of the most outstanding works of the most important composer of his time. Between days 17 Y 23 March and under the musical direction of Leonardo García Alarcón and direction of scene Gustavo Tambascio, pays tribute to its composer. Music will be provided by the Capella Mediterranea.

War of the Giants.

staged opera in an act of anonymous author Released in Madrid, between 1701 Y 1702 Edited by Antonio Martín Moreno (Editions Iberautor Cultural Promotions, SRL / Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences, 2007).

The story of this one-act opera moves to a country in Europe, between 1959 Y 1960, Fresh from the war and precisely when a period of great industrial push begins. Olympus is now a large company, Jupiter Salvatierra, dedicated to heavy industry and led only by women, a group of young executive, rich and good girls, with such catchy names as Jupiter, Minerva, Fame, Silence, Time and Immortality. He will celebrate the wedding of the younger sister, Maria de las Mercedes, a young Italian engineer, Maximum Ventivoglio and Ferrara. Everything is ready for the link and the means of communication called presented in place. But they come unexpectedly a group of workers of the company, called giants, they go on strike. At that time the most astute sister, Minerva, He decides to call the superhero Hercules and his people. He will face a belligerent Palante, which he has brought chaos to the peaceful world of Jupiter Salvatierra. All this will bring huge changes: armies are formed and begin fighting, although no one knows how it will end that. Jupiter, the chief executive, y Palante, the head of the workers, They fight but the striker is quickly removed and all workers subject. The consequences are predictable, so everything returns to the initial order -as expected- And just in that country celebrating Europe!

The most impossible love, Love overcomes him.

first day's squad Lisidante capsizes in a storm and it gets saved in Celauro company and Triton. They reach Fenicia, the land of King Acrisius and Danae, Lisidante who seeks to conquer. For this delivery posing as a soldier and saying Lisidante perished in the shipwreck. In the entourage of King Acrisius are Dánae, Filida, who falls for Lisidante from the first meeting, and Polidectes, also in love with Danae. Jupiter and Love shown gods, who challenge, fight and win ... Love, that leaves a saetazo Jupiter hurt ... of love Danae. Jupiter has a wife, the goddess Juno, and Danae is enraged to discover that his prentendiente is married. Lisidante hears he believes is brought to assert himself and declares his love, but rejects Danae. In the meantime, Juno communicates Acrisio and people of Phoenicia that the beauty of Danae has offended Heaven and, to pay their fault, They should lock her in a tower from which you can not leave while not rain gold. Second day learns that Jupiter will lock Juno Danae and see how it, madly in love with Danae, surrenders to Love, that promises to achieve the impossible of rain gold. Juno promises in turn make it impossible to love God's plan. Lisidante appear in the tower, Celauro and Triton disguised as soldiers to open the tower from inside and rescue Danae. But Jupiter appears accompanied by Love, with music and with herbs sleeping guards and enter to take Danae. Lisidante wakes up and takes charge of his army to rescue Danae. then another wonderful music sounds and appears a shower of gold. Jupiter, Love Danae and say that the impossible has ceased to be. And in the end all corroborate that «the most impossible love, Love overcomes him!».

Sebastian Duron.

Sebastian Duron (1660-1716), composer and organist of the time, it is becoming gradually with all the musical activities of the Court, even with the advent of the dynasty of the Bourbons in 1700. His versatility helped the acceptance that had their theatrical works in all areas of their time: He wrote The War of the giants with sponsorship of the nobility and the most impossible love, Love overpowers him for Madrid public theaters. In this production by the Teatro de la Zarzuela, we find two conflicting ways of seeing the Baroque. In War of the giants, considered the last major production in the Spanish style before adapting to the new Italian operatic style in his productions made Durón the years 1710 Y 1711, stage director, Gustavo Tambascio, brings history to a country in Europe, between 1959 Y 1960 and Olympus is a great company, Jupiter Salvatierra, dedicated to heavy industry and led only by women. We would be facing a kind of replay of the class struggle, where the giants are the working class and the Olympians, the prosperous owners. With more impossible in love, Love overcomes him, premiered at the Coliseo de la Cruz 1710, Italian influence on the Spanish musical theater and became noticeable and Duron already incorporates this title. Tambascio chooses here to present a show as close to that viewers could see the eighteenth century, Baroque maximum respect laws. Scenography, locker room, lighting, gestualidad, rhetoric, dances ... Everything will transport us to that way of doing musical theater. And then there is the presence of the Cappella Mediterranea and its director Leonardo García Alarcón, They are acting for the first time in this scenario with a double program dedicated to Durón, They are addressing the project with the idea to rethink the perception of Italian baroque music from the practice of Southern popular music. (The playbill of Teatro de la Zarzuela).

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