The Mandelring Quartet concludes its Shostakovich integral at the Círculo de Bellas Artes

Almond ring quartet

The next 9 of May, the Fernando de Rojas Theater of the Círculo de Bellas Artes will host the fourth appointment of the Manderling Quartet as a resident group of the II Chamber Circle. This time, Sebastian Schmidt (fiddle), Nanette Schmidt (fiddle), Andreas Willwohl (viola) y Bernhard Schmidt (cello) they will interpret the Quartet No. 13, on. 138 (1970), he Quartet No. 14, on 142 (1973), and the Quartet No. 15, on. 144 (1974).

The famous German quartet concludes with this last concert the complete Dmitri Shostakovich Quartets (1906-1975), that he has presented in strict chronological order throughout the season 2020/2021 of the Chamber Circle, with great public and critical success.

The Mandelring Quartet has just released their new album on the German label Audite; it is the first album of a double album dedicated entirely to the French repertoire, including quartets by Ravel and Fernand from La Tombelle.

Almond Ring Quartet © Guido-Werner