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Real Junior

With the first autumn leaves, he Teatro Real It is about to raise the curtain of programming dedicated to children, youth and family of their season 2018-2019, Royal Junior, in order to zoom in and stimulate curiosity for art and culture to younger, both from a playful side, as training.

Commitment and responsibility of the Royal Theater as creator and disseminator of culture center, takes on special relevance in the design of the new season, with shows and activities aimed at opening or initiation of children to musical and artistic world, así como la transmisión de valores y conocimientos a través de cuentos, fables and stories, con los que ellos pueden componer su propia visión del mundo.

The high artistic value of child-youth programming, will feature this season with the presence of big names like showbiz Luis Piedrahita Y Pepe Viyuela, the scenic area as Tomás Muñoz or puppet company La Maquiné, the music scene with Sonia de Munck, Cristina Toledo y Laurel Dougall, or dance, with Fernando Lazaro, to name only a few of them.

As in previous years, Royal Junior will offer its programming on two stages: the Main Hall and the Sala Gayarre, and seven shows will be offered, five of which are new productions: The story of Babar, Sparkles and rhythms of a hurricane, Piano in darkness, The phone Y The Carnival of the Animals. the puppet show is presented in Real Story of a seed y se repone el espectáculo de danza Pulcinella, one of the most loved by the young audience in pasadaedición.

El ciclo de talleres familiares Everyone to the Gayarre! what, with monthly performs a musical introduction, lighthearted and entertaining, around the great titles of the main stage, will continue another year with management and presentation Fernando Palacios, Sunday nine meetings between the months of October to June.

Real goes to school

Alongside the family functions, the Royal Theater continues its outreach program to schools; on the one hand, with the pedagogical functions, They are taking place in two stages, Y, for another, rebroadcasting shows Real Junior in schools throughout Spain, thanks to collaboration agreements with the autonomous communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Madrid and Murcia), through stage Digital, platform online The Royal Theatre.

To enhance the experience, Real offers parents and teachers tutorial, accessible for free via the website of the Theater ( in its new digital format, en la que se ofrece información detallada del espectáculo y, fundamentally, practical exercises for teachers and parents to help small to get a broader view of the world that will know.

After the great success last season, ‘Summer camps'They will be active during the month of July with activities around the opera, dance and costumes, where children can develop their creativity submerging in creating a show.

LÓVA (The opera, Learning a vehicle) the educational project carried out at the Royal Theater from 2009, aimed at primary schools where the tutor or tutor turns your classroom into an opera company, It is now essential part of the collaboration that makes the Madrid coliseum in this project. Thanks to him the class devotes an entire course to form a company in which pupils and students are organized by professional teams: dramaturgy, characterization, locker room, interpretation, public relations, production, lighting, regiduría, scenography, choreography and music. This activity learning materials that make up the school year is multiplied and promotes integration and inclusion.

The European Union has chosen Lova Spanish educational project as a reference to develop cultural awareness and expression (Cultural Awareness and Expression Handbook).

Training program

The training program of the Royal Theater, accomplished, will include a new series of introductory courses in opera, in addition to those already established in its program, as 'opera bare', the 'monographic courses' or 'college scene'. Through these courses, workshops and conferences is to provide a new space for cultural and professional development both opera lovers and those who approach it for the first time.

Under the name Fundamental concepts of opera, new courses, taught by Professor Gabriel Menendez, it is proposed to explain, through audiovisual examples, the fundamental concepts that allow us to penetrate the essence of the operas: the elements of the musical dramaturgy, the types of voices, vocal and instrumental forms, the interaction between solo, ensembles and choruses, the staging, etc. Intended for all audiences, each session strikes a key aspect of operatic composition and follows its evolution and development since the beginning of the opera until the late nineteenth century.

This season, Exposed opera delve into the technical and artistic details around three operas: the Rheingold, Falstaff e The tovatore, told in first person by its protagonists.

The monographic courses They inquire about various aspects of the musical world. Appointments of this edition will be, besides those mentioned Fundamental concepts of opera, Three Shakespearean musical (analyze the influence of William Shakespeare in today's theater world through The Boys From Syracuse, Kiss Me Kate Y West Side Story) Y Jerome Robbins and choreography in the Broadway musical (Facet focused as a choreographer Jerome Robbins in the Broadway musical, their influences and their impact). With them the Teatro Real wants to continue opening horizons to new training concepts.

University scene, pioneering project in Europe, registered in the European Higher Education Area, It allows college academic credit after participating in meetings and discussions with the artists and the subsequent development of an academic work on the productions of the Teatro Real, analyzed from the perspective of their respective specialties.




Recommended for children from 4 years

20, 21, 27 Y 28 October

12.00 Y 17.00 hours

Company LA Maquiné

creators: Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos

The show is a reflection on the abuses suffered by the environment at the hands of human beings, counted as a poetic fable, with a sensitivity and a sense of humor that makes this work is more effective than many environmental campaigns.


musical tale

Recommended for children from 4 years

17, 18, 24 Y 25 of November

12.00 Y 17.00 h

Music by Francis Poulenc and Jean Brunhoff book

musical director and pianist: Miguel Huertas

Dramaturgy and stage director: Ana Hernandez

Between 1940-46 Francis Poulenc le puso música a este cuento de Brunhoff convirtiendo la pieza en un verdadero cuento musical para piano y narrador. Babar cuenta la historia de un elefantito que huyendo de la selva termina convirtiéndose en un rey en la gran ciudad.


Leonard Bernstein tribute concert on the centenary of his birth.

Recommended for all audiences

15, 26, 27, 29 Y 30 from December

12.00 h

Director Musical: Luis Miguel Mendez

Presenter and script: Fernando Palacios

A concert with some of the most sparkling and fun pieces musician of the twentieth century, whose side pedagogue brought us the secrets of music simply and clearly with informative concerts in the seventies



Recommended for children from 4 years

19, 20, 26 Y 27 from January

12.00 Y 17.00 h

Music of Stravinsky, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Vivaldi y

Pianist: Borja Mariño Y Ricardo France

Choreography: Fernando Lazaro

This amusing farce bring us some of the characters in the art commedy what, Using masks and colorful costumes, It represents certain archetypes that are nothing more than a grotesque reflection of human attitudes. Dance and gesture summed to tell this wonderful story that will captivate the little ones and will delight the greatest

PIANO IN Penumbras

spectral music backlit


Recommended for children from 12 years

15, 16, 22 Y 23 February, 20.00 h

17 Y 24 February, 19.00h

Pianist: Marta Hawthorns

Presentation: Fernando Palacios

The time and the perfect place to stop and listen to music silenced by the crackle of the fireplace: forgotten night, visionary pieces, variations for insomniacs, macabre waltzes, sentimental boleros, harmonies of the spheres, old tangos ... With works by Bach, Liszt, Grieg, Mussorgsky, Granados, Mompou, Failure, Consuelo Velázquez, Anibal Troilo…


Youth Opera

Recommended for children from 10 years

23 Y 24 of March

11.00 Y 13.00 h

From Gian Carlo Menotti

Director Musical: Jordi Navarro

Stage-manager: Tomás Muñoz

interpreters: Pepe Viyuela, Sonia de Munck Y Gerardo Bullón.

The Telephone gold Love three, estrenada en Nueva York en 1947 tells, in key parody, the story of Lucy and Ben, a loving couple whose relationship is mediated by the addiction that Lucy has the phone.


didactic concert

Recommended for children from 8 years

27 April 2 of June

11.00 Y 13.00 h

Music of Camille Saint-Saëns

Director Musical: Ignacio García Vidal

Screenplay and presenter: Luis Piedrahita

Luis Piedrahita tells the adventures of a dwarf flea short leg you want to go skiing in Baqueira Beret. Music, humor and fleas. A work for all audiences in which large and small enjoy the grandeur of the music of Saint Saens and "pequeñosidad" of the Siphonaptera.



7 October. 12.00, 17.00 h

Mephistopheles try to seduce, but it will difficult.

Parallel activity Faust


11 of November. 12.00, 17.00 h

The famous cascador nut combat boredom traveling.

Parallel activity The Nutcracker National Dance Company


2 from December. 12.00, 17.00 h

Tenor sleep will not let us to guess the three riddles.

Parallel activity Turandot


13 from January. 12.00, 17.00 h

The Alberico nibelungo manufactures a magical gold ring with nymphs.

Parallel activity the Rheingold

Trojans and Cretans V

10 February. 12.00, 17.00 h

Prince kills the sea serpent Neptune and ends up becoming king.

Parallel activity Idomeneo


10 of March. 12.00, 17.00 h

Girl to bear, and dare to Dipper.

Parallel activity La Calisto

VII_ THE vivant who laughed WORLD

28 of April. 12.00, 17.00 h

Clumsy, vain, Coward, gordinflón, quarrelsome… but very friendly.

Parallel activity Falstaff


26 of May. 12.00, 17.00 h

The countess has doubts: He does not know whether to stay with the poet or the musician.

parallel activity to Capriccio


23 of June. 12.00, 17.00

A mysterious minstrel always sings the same song.

Parallel activity The Troubadour

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