The Real for the little ones presents…A catless smile


Inspired by the wonderful tale of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, arrive at Real Junior a delicate and colorful proposal for the little ones: A catless smile, new production for him Teatro Real in which they will shake hands dance, theater, music and fantasy, the days 17, 18 Y 24 April 1, 2, 8 Y 9 of May, in double session, to 12.00 and to the 17.00 hours.

For almost an hour, the little ones - the show is designed for children from 4 years- they will recognize many of the characters that intervene in the mythical tale: the White Rabbit, Queen of hearts, the mad hatter and of course, Cheshire's cat, whose smile remained floating in the air when the feline had already disappeared and that surprised Alicia so much.

The show has been conceived by the versatile Ferran Carvajal, responsible for the stage direction, dramaturgy and choreography. Through her unique artistic vision we accompany the protagonist in the discovery of a new world, in which she enters driven by her curiosity and her desire to understand the world, through an overflowing fantasy.

They complete the artistic team Elisa Sanz, creator of the scenery and costumes; Eduardo Bartrina, in the lighting and the dancing performers Daniel Arancibia, Sara sanz Y Anna Serra.

The music of José Luis Greco, path and soundtrack of this story, will be played by the violinist Alejandro Gonzalez Romero, the piper Olga Ramón Chiquero and the percussionists Robert Úbeda Bordería Y Elezar Higuera Barragan, all of them soloists of the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid.