The Teatro de la Zarzuela joins the celebration of the 200 years of the Museo del Prado

Prado Museum

He Teatro de la Zarzuela He did not want to miss the opportunity of join the commemoration of the 200 years of the Museo del Prado. It does so with the recital tribute 'Night at the Prado' tenor, actor, playwright and director Enrique Viana who along with pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre It will reeled one History happens in the Pinacoteca with "soundtrack" of zarzuela arias and musical magazine related pictorial art. They will total three functions, two framed in the cycle Notes Ambigú Coliseum on Thursday 14 and on Friday 15 February (20h00), and a third in the auditorium itself Prado Museum on Friday 22 of that month (19h00).

Federico Chueca, Joaquín Valverde, Manuel Nieto, Fernando Moraleda, Manuel Penella, Jesus Guridi, Joaquín Gaztambide, José Serrano, José Lucio Mediavillla, the works of all of them will go to enshrining told and sung by a very special history museum employee played by Viana, whose monologue is riddled with irony and intelligent humor, happily accustomed to this style different artist.

As it says in the program, 'Night at the Prado' is a recital tribute the Teatro de la Zarzuela dedicated to the Prado Museum in its 200 anniversary with the music from some of the lyrical works allusive argument title and the world of painting. It is a musical show with a sense of humor, illustrated with texts and commentaries about our lyrical pages devoted to pictorial art authors and perpetrators.

He Teatro de la Zarzuela It will thus become a space different concerts thanks to that Ambigú increasingly full of life. El café será de nuevo un exclusive and privileged music room (and this time also theater), where what matters is the proximity between artists and audience from which comes a inspiring and unpredictable privacy.

The concert-tribute Enrique Viana They preceded those of Ángel Ruiz, who made a nostalgic trip through some of the most emblematic boleros; Chapel Ministrers on the music of the Spanish Golden Age; the bass Rubén Amoretti dedicated to tango; Marina Monzó Y Rubén Fernández Aguirre on compositions Manuel Garcia and Gioachino Rossini; and that Ramón Grau He devoted himself to piano music by Albeniz, Granados and Falla. En el ciclo aún quedan pendientes los recitales del trio Arbós con la segunda entrega de ‘Música de cámara’ (1 of April), baritone Joan Martin-Royo with Felipe Pedrell ' (28 of May), soprano Sonia de Munck with Antonio Machado ' (24 of June) and singer and actress Sylvia Parejo with 'Golden Musical' (1 of July).

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