Royal Theater dismisses the year with the National Ballet of Spain and “Electra”

Electra at the Royal Theater

He Teatro Real will fire the last days of the year the company National Ballet of Spain, which will offer four unique functions, the days 28, 29 Y 30 from December, her show Electra, created by choreographer Antonio Ruz, in collaboration with Olga Perica.

This touching show delves into different languages ​​of dance, giving life to classical tragedy with an original and contemporary vision inspired by our popular imagination, which will be heartbreaking voice of singer Sandra Carrasco, sheltered by the Head of the Royal Theatre Orchestra directed by Manuel Coves.

the dancers will alternate in the title role Inmaculada Solomon Y Miriam Mendoza, Who, along with the rest of the cast, They will share the stage with Antonio Najarro, director of the company until September this year, Aegisthus who will play in all functions.

Electra, one of the most ambitious bets of the BNE, both from a conceptual and artistic, He has had the participation of big names in the Spanish scene as Alberto Conejero, responsible for dramaturgy; Paco Azorín, in the scenic conception; Rosa García Andújar, in costume design, Y Olga García, in lighting.

Antonio Ruz, one of the great choreographic creators of our country, He has deepened its roots to interpret the Greek myth. Starting from the Mediterranean cultural identity combines disciplines such as flamenco, Spanish dance and contemporary dance, an amalgam of movements that live and coexist with light, the language of clothing fabrics dancers, and space, completing a unique show where everything necessary.

In Electra, the corps de ballet becomes a character, trying to "give back to the dance and choir imagine the place occupied in the classical tragedies", explains Ruz. At times, dance and word remind us of the world lorquiano, stories of destiny and revenge, enriched by music Pablo Martín Caminero, Moses P. Sánchez Y Diego Losada.

Over four functions, the days 28, 29 (two functions, to 17.00 h and the 20.30 h) Y 30, he National Ballet of Spain It will be the protagonist on the stage of the Royal Theater and he bid farewell year and a decade in which we have danced together.