Madrid Dance Festival opens with a tribute to Nacho Duato at the Canal Theatre

Madrid in dance

Theaters Canal Madrid welcome the 31 edition Dance Festival in Madrid, to be held in the Red and Green Rooms from 18 November to 8 from December.

The Festival program begins in the Red Room day 18 Y 19 November with the Gala Nacho Duato, in which extracts of the most emblematic choreographies of Nacho Duato will be represented as garden Closed, Arenal Y Lost heart.

On Sunday 20 It will be the only opportunity to see Dorothée Gilbert Y Mathieu Ganio, star dancers of the Paris Opera, interpret the choreographer duo Giorgio Mancini She created on the opera Wagner Tristan & Isolde.

The company Batsheva Dance Co. It presents for the first time in Spain Last work, with which the choreographer Ohard Naharin and the company dancers explore the mobility of the body and synthesize the infinite spectrum of emotions and feelings in acting. There will be two unique functions day 23 Y 24 November in the Red Room.

The days 24 Y 25 in the Green Room the public can enjoy Written in the air (Gelabert danza Novarina), signed Gelabert Azzopardi Dansa company, and having an encounter between the choreographer and the philosophical universe of the writer and painter Valère Novarina French. The alchemical process in which the dancer dance word and movement writer writes.

For the second consecutive year the Gala International Dance Madrid will host the best dancers of the moment, Saturday 26 of November. Alicia Amatriain Y Constantine Allen, principal dancers Stuttgart Ballet; Marianela Nunez, Royal Ballet principal dancer; Alejandro Parente, Ballet principal dancer of the Teatro Colón; Because David, Wiener principal Staatsballett; Natascha Mair, solista de Wiener Staatsballett; Carlos Pinillos Y Filipa de Castro, principales de la National Ballet Company); Y Cristina Dijmaru Y Bogdan Canila, Main National Ballet of Bucharest.

Tribute to Rafael Aguilar. Bolero range and Rafael Aguilar Ballet pays tribute to the memory of maestro Rafael Aguilar, one of the choreographers who renewed the contemporary flamenco dance. This show can be seen in the Green Room on Sunday 27 of November.

Gauthier Dance Company and Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart presented the premiere in Spain of Nijinsky, Two unique features day 30 November and 1 December in the Red Room. This ballet recounts moments of life Vaslav Nijinski, a life of glamor and fame, but also with chiaroscuro in its history.

The company Mal Pelo present day 1 Y 2 December his show The fifth winter, a choreographic poem limpid, while tender and powerful, constructed from the words of the writer and Italian poet Erri de Luca.

The dancer Israel Galván returns to the stage with The Golden Age, functions in three days 2, 3 Y 4 from December. The important thing about this show is its condition laboratory for testing with nature Flemish whole repertoire of gestures, bodies and voices that Israel Galván invents.

Kokoro, Lali Company Ayguadé, It is a contemporary dance show that explores the search for love, consistency, your absence…, the ability or inability of man. This assembly will be in the Green Room a unique role in the 4 from December.

Resident companies of the Community of Madrid (Iberian Dance, Larumbe Danza, Rojas and Rodríguez, Losdedae, Antonio Gades Company and Dance Malucos) They will present for the first time In Pulse, a path of pairing its dance and interaction of different disciplines they represent, creating an inclusive all in one show and unprecedented, It will be performed on Wednesday 7 from December.

Programming in Dance Festival in Madrid Canal Theatres closes on 8 December Siena, the contemporary dance company La Veronal. In this assembly reflects on the human body through a timeless space where the line between reality and fiction fades.

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