Jaroussky will offer his concert at the Royal Theater in double session

Philippe Jaroussky

The appointment will take place next 5 October, As planned, double session at 19.00 and to the 21.30 hours

The subscribers of the Grandes Voces cycle and the buyers with tickets for this concert will be relocated according to the guidelines of the sanitary protocol and at a new schedule

Under the titleLong live Vivaldi ! a program consisting of arias and excerpts from operas by the Venetian composer will be offered

Jaroussky will be accompanied by the soprano Emóke Baráth, the contralto Lucile Richardot and tenor Emiliano González Toro, next to The Lodge Concert with musical direction of the violinist Julien chauvin

The bond of Philippe Jaroussky with the Teatro Real has always been related to artistic success and the enormous affection that the public of Madrid professes for him since his debut on this stage in the year 2000 with Jealousy air even kill, by Juan Hidalgo. His quick and brilliant career, that has placed him among the best countertenors in the world, points to the Madrid coliseum as a witness to great lyrical nights.

For this reason, and given the current situation caused by COVID-19, the French artist and the Royal Theater have decided to offer the concert planned for the next 5 October, in a double session, to 19.00 and to the 21.30 hours, that allows to relocate the public with tickets for this appointment in the best conditions of sanitary security.

Jaroussky will perform at this appointment with a selection of arias and opera excerpts from his fetish composer, Antonio Vivaldi, accompanied by baroque training The Lodge Concert, conducted by the violinist Julien chauvin. Along with them will participate the soprano Emóke Baráth, the contralto Lucile Richardot and tenor Emiliano González Toro.

The concert title says it all, Long live Vivaldi!. The works of the Venetian composer are the place where Jaroussky's voice best exhibits his virtuosity and sensitivity, endowing each fragment with an undeniable beauty.. The unmistakable timbre of your voice will be assembled, in some moments of the program to those of Emóke Barát and Emiliano González Toro to interpret the trio of The truth at stake, “Placid and serene aura” or share the passionate notes of Il Giustino with Emiliano to contrast the dramatic and melodic intensity of this opera that contains some of the composer's roundest arias such as "I'll see with my beloved" e "The pleasure of revenge".

The Royal Theater will contact all the subscribers of the Grandes y Voces cycle and with the buyers with tickets for this concert to inform them of the time change and the relocation to new places, in order to guarantee the health safety distance that allows you to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

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