The beauty of the Nederlands Dans Theater at the Teatro Real


On Wednesday, 15 of July, he Teatro Real will celebrate the last premiere of its current season. For this it will have the presence of the Nederlands Dans Theater, one of the most important contemporary dance companies in the world, that will offer us two beautiful choreographies nostalgia Y butterfly, capable of making us forget the relentless heat of these days. Both have been created by the couple of choreographers Paul Lightfoot, current director of the company, and the Spanish Sol León.

Although the two titles are presented independently, make up a program with thematic unit around love and the transformation of the human being, the passage of time and the vital metamorphosis as a result of lived experiences. Love couple, of father, of Mother, of family.. approached from different points of view but united even in the scene, keeping some dancers on stage during the intermission between the two plays.

nostalgia (I long) is the most intimate and emotional choreography of the night. Loaded with symbols, movement draws memories and situations that we can all recognize as part of our own experiences. The narration runs on three compositions by Beethoven: the Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Symphony No. 5 in C minor, and the Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major and for each of them a different space or stage is conceived. Weather, love and space oppress and transform, but they also show the ability of human beings to adapt to new situations and live, survive and be free.

butterfly (Mariposa) delves into the instrumental music of Max Richter and the indie of the American group The Magnetic Fields, to continue developing the theme of transformation. What is born and changes can also die to give rise to something new, different, the transition of existence and the forced evolution of the human being, the change from chrysalis to butterfly. The choreography is a solo achievement, duets and trios that culminate with the appearance of the group, that goes beyond the stage line to dance on the orchestra pit and be closer to the audience and interact with the audience.

Directed from 2011 by the british Paul Lightfoot, the Nederlands Dans Theater stands out for a constant effort to unify different artistic disciplines, based on dance, and achieve continuous creative evolution. This is how the company contributes to development.