The Argentine cantaora at the Teatro de la Zarzuela


Argentina, one of the most respected and admired cante figures by the public, critics and colleagues - not just flamenco, but of any musical genre–, will present the next Tuesday 20 of April (20h00) his fifth album in which, under the title ‘The artist's life’, vindicates art and the real artist in the especially hard times that we have to live.

And he does it from his very personal conception of flamenco and the possibilities that this art allows Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2010; It does it from the purest joy to the painful and deep melancholy, transiting between one and another very different states of infinite depth.

For that, in ‘The life of the artist’ Argentina sister flamenco with song, Fado, the tango, theater, the painting, literature or classical music.

At his concert of The Zarzuela, the cantaora from Huelva will be surrounded by a group of portentous musicians. Starting with the guitarists José Quevedo ‘Bolita’ and Jesús Guerrero, passing through the choirs and palms of the already usual brothers Antonio and Manuel Montes, better known as Los Mellis, or the irresistible cello of Jose Carlos Roca, and ending with the versatile and always surprising pianist mario Prisuelos.

Argentina lives by and for flamenco, for art, for the artist in every dimension of the word. On Tuesday, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, that's how those who have the fortune to attend the concert will feel it.