Soprano María Antúnez gives voice and soul to works by Uruguayan composers

Maria Antunez, Rubén Fernández

Every place has its own culture. That intrinsic value, the deep roots that make them different from the rest. But the nature of a land is the sum of the riches that throughout history it has kept as its own.. He Notes cycle Ambigú of the Teatro de la Zarzuela will present the next Monday, 19 of April, at 20h00, a recital by the soprano Maria Antunez dedicated to Uruguayan song -that of its origins-, that will make us understand that despite the ocean that limits us, those and these shores are much closer than we thought. She will be accompanied on the piano by Rubén Fernández Aguirre.

During the hour that the concert will last, will perform works by Luis Cluzeau Mortet, Alfonso Broqua, Eduardo Fabini, Jauré Lamarque Pons, Hector Tosar, Eduardo Gilardoni and Beatriz Lockhart, essential classics, Each and every one of them, of the music of those parts.

They will also take advantage of Antúnez and Fernández Aguirre, because the heart and the memory ask for it, to perform tribute to the teacher Antón García Abril, who died last 17 of March. They will offer some of their compositions such as the ‘Three Spanish songs’ with texts by Federico Garcia Lorca.

The Ambigus that come

The concert of María Antúnez and Rubén Fernández Aguirre will be followed by that of the soprano Rocío Pérez and pianist Ramón Grau with the Integral of the cycle ‘Spanish classical songs’ by Fernando Obradors (10 of May) and the artist Ángel Ruiz, accompanied by pianist César Belda, will close the loop with ‘Tribute to Iberoamerica’ (15 of June).