“La verbena de la Paloma” XXI Century Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela has been marked as essential purpose to popularize the genre that gives name, zarzuela, in this century that, who'd say, It is about to close its second decade. Add to loyal following that for years attends functions and is payable to the seasons, that other spectator who attends the theater not by prejudice towards gender or ignorance. Within this resolute intention, is especially important public young: achieve
this approach without fear and free from ties to the zarzuela, thus giving continuity and ensuring its future, It is the laborious target.

For this reason, Teatro de la Plazuela de Jovellanos launched two seasons ago Zarza Project, aimed at a young audience from 12 Y 18 years. Arguably, unhesitatingly, this is again one of the most outstanding bets Theater season. The title chosen for this third edition is 'La verbena de la Paloma' Thomas Breton, and it will be performed by young singers who are mostly between 18 and the 30 years, and they have been chosen through a long and painstaking process of auditions in which involved more than 300 boys and girls. These singers and actors form a young company Zarza Project.

'Verbena Paloma', in this new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela, It is a free version of the work of Thomas Breton signed by Pablo Messiez libretto from Ricardo de la Vega wrote in the late nineteenth. Musical direction and scenic borne by the master Óliver Diaz (musical director of the Theater) and Paul himself Messiez, respectively, and seventeen actors-singers will be accompanied by a chamber orchestra consisting of eight young musicians. All functions will be in the main hall of the Teatro de la Zarzuela 23 February to 3 of March, and school passes will alternate (for students of secondary and high schools) and functions for the general public with a total of 14 sessions. In school appointments, After the show a colloquium will be held between the public and artists.

Friday school function 1 of March (12h00) It will be broadcast live via Facebook, YouTube and the website of the Theater. Outside homesickness, Welcome desire This lyrical farce in an act is done, so, by and for young people, priority following the philosophy of the project: bring the genre to new generations; and what better way than using their own language. Messiez says about that "thinking about expanding public gender has
necessarily to do with seeking a link with the work that is born of nostalgia but of desire. "

This new version keeps all the musical numbers, but not change the texts sung, which they have adapted to this new stage proposal that places the story in a neighborhood cultural center that is about to be inaugurated. Party, the heat, the passion, jealousy,... and the strength of values ​​such as teamwork, the trust, the power of music and be aware of feeling every moment as something unique and magical, They bring us closer to a key work of Spanish poetry through this powerful bet that once again shows the commitment of the theater with young people.

Saturday 23 February 12:00 hours and 19:00 hours (open functions)
Sunday 24 February 12:00 hours (open function)
Tuesday 26 February 10:00 hours and 12:30 (school functions)
Wednesday 27 February 10:00 hours and 12:30 (school functions)
Thursday 28 February 10:00 hours and 12:30 (school functions)
Friday 1 of March 11:00 hours (school function) Y 19:00 hours (open function)
Saturday 2 of March 12:00 hours and 19:00 hours (open functions)
Sunday 3 of March 12:00 hours (open function)

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