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Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon

Musicians Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon They continue recording and publishing works in their social networks on a daily basis. These concerts are shared brief, Besides, in the channels Miguel Delibes Cultural Center and "Castilla y León is Life". 'O sole mio', de Eduardo di Capua and performed by violinist tania Armesto This program opened last Thursday by paying tribute to our neighbors in Italy.

Since last Monday, 23 of March, the OSCyL published a video coordinated by more than forty musicians playing the 'Ode to Joy', the fourth movement of the 'Ninth Symphony' Beethoven, They have not stopped growing visualizations and social media visits to the Castile and León Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra announced, Thursday 26, to continue to offer short videos by musicians and teachers in the coming days. The initiative started with Tania Armesto interpretation of the 'O sole mio' of Eduardo di Capua, work with the violinist gave up a heartfelt tribute to neighboring Italy. 'Duo nº 1 of the 12 KV 487 Mozart duos' took over in a piece by Emilio Climent Sanchis and White (French horn and violin). Monday was the violinist Anneleen Van der Broeck with a recognized subject of the Valladolid group Celtas Short, 'The path of time' who tore this week giving the turn, Today, Tuesday 31, to the 'Adagio Sonata for solo violin 1st' by Johann Sebastian Bach on the violin Liz Moore, coinciding with the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of German composer (31 March 1685).

The OSCyL continue to publish daily, to 12.00 hours, these virtual concerts on YouTube ( as well as through their own social networks on Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, Just as the channels of the Cultural Center Miguel Delibes and those of "Castilla y León is Life"). Tomorrow resume the program 'Solo cello Fall Porteño', signed by Astor Piazzolla and Marius played by Diaz. Violinists Irene Ferrer and Jordi Gimeno, technical director OSCyL, ('Duo', Bela Bartok de); Daniela Moraru (Irish song); Ana G. Charro and Damián Sánchez (Hoffmeister, ‘1-III Rondo’); Eduard Marashi ('Adagio Sonata for solo violin 1st', Johann Sebastian Bach), and trombones Roberts Blossom ('Nights in White Satin "by The Moody Blues) There Philippe Stefani ('Ave Maria', Schubert) will star concerts for the next few days.

Orchestra musicians continue displaying the slogan dictated the original 'Ode to Joy' edited and designed for their subscribers and all music lovers of our country: "In difficult times the music shortens distances. From every home, together we shall overcome ".


  1. Tuesday, 31 of March: Liz Moore - 'Adagio Sonata for solo violin 1st', Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Wednesday, 1 of April: Marius Diaz – 'I Solo Cello Fall Porteño', Astor Piazzola
  3. Thursday, 2 of April: Irene Ferrer & Jordi Gimeno – 'Duo', Bela Bartok de
  4. Friday, 3 of April: Daniela Moraru - Irish song
  5. Saturday, 4 of April: Roberts Blossom - 'White Satin Nights', The Moody Blues
  6. Sunday, 5 of April: Ana G Charro & Damián Sánchez 6 – Hoffmeister, ‘1-III Rondo’
  7. Monday, 6 of April: Philippe Stefani - 'Ave Maria', Schubert
  8. Tuesday, 7 of April: Eduard Marashi – 'Adagio Sonata for solo violin 1st', Johann Sebastian Bach
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