Maria Jose Montiel: from the Berlin classroom to the stages of Pamplona and Madrid

Maria Jose Montiel

Since two years ago, María José Montiel combines her international career as an interpreter with teaching thanks to the “total calendar freedom"Offered to her as Professor of Singing at the Universität der Künste in Berlin to make her"teaching activity with my professional career”, affirms the Madrid singer, that in May returns to the stage. “Passing on to the young generations all the experience accumulated in these years is something that has become vital and a very important and motivating part of my life.; It fills me with satisfaction to be able to help you and provide both technical and artistic support - and even emotional- so they can take flight in a profession that is wonderful, but that is full of complexities, since it is not only about having a voice and singing. Interpreters cannot separate the soul from our own voice because we not only sing with our vocal cords and adequate breathing, rather, we use our emotions to bring the characters we play to life. This is something that goes beyond vocal technique, which of course must be very refined and worked with great tenacity and sacrifice, like that of an elite athlete”, Add. “Our emotions must flow in the interpretation, always expertly led by our rational self so that there is a perfect balance between our voice, our soul and our mind; it is something not easy to achieve, but what is achieved when there is will and sacrifice. I am also fortunate to have students from all over the world who have great talent and a great spirit of work, something essential to make a career, but I try to instill in them that they have a dreaming soul; to meet our goals we must dare to dream”, Spanish mezzo concludes.

María José Montiel will return to the stage in May offering a zarzuela gala at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona where she will share the stage with the soprano Sabina Puértolas, the tenor José Luís Sola and the baritone Manuel Lanza; will be together with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra and the AGAO Lyrical Choir, all led by the baton of the Madrid maestro José Miguel Pérez-Sierra. The appointment will be in the Navarran capital on 7 of May. A week later, he 12 of May, Montiel volverá a Madrid para interpretar el Stabat Mater de Rossini en el Auditorio Nacional; on this occasion she will be accompanied by the soprano Sabina Puértolas, by the tenor Airam Hernández, by the baritone José Antonio López, of the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid and of the Young Singers of the ORCAM, all directed by Víctor Pablo Pérez from Burgos.

María José Montiel © Bob Cullen

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