Endless death

Home: La Moneta
Sing: Archangel
reciter: Juan Diego
Guitar: Juan Manuel Cañizares
Flute: Roberto Fabbriciani
trio Arbós: Juan Carlos Garvayo (Piano), Miguel Borrego (Fiddle) Y
José Miguel Gómez (Cello)
Viola: Sergio Sáez
Percussion: Augustine Diassera
electronics: Fernando Villanueva
Director: Mauricio Sotelo
Teatro Real. Madrid

The musical poetics of Madrid composer Mauricio Sotelo has often looking out the vibrant universe cantejondo, always from the perspective of what the author calls micro-quality sound. The powerful and unmistakable language Sotelo, whose unprecedented sound also follows some old flavor, today it is called in Europe, Flamenco Espectral. In his works they have collaborated great flamenco artists as Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Esperanza Fernández, Marina Heredia, Eva Duran, Pitingo, Rafael de Utrera, Miguel Poveda and Archangel (this in almost all his works since more than 10 years), and the great guitarist Cañizares and dancer from Granada Fuensanta La Moneta.
His last composition Muerte sin fin, He closed the third edition of the Bienal de Flamenco in Holland and is now presented in Spain in the Festival Suma Flamenca. The title of the work is inspired by the eponymous poem by the Mexican writer José Gorostiza. Fragments of this poem are interwoven with songs of the purest flamenco tradition. We could talk here, according Sotelo thought, a memory architecture of twelve parts that collect echoes and resonances of a stale pain voice set the drama of the figure of the dancer.
That voice is the Archangel and the dance, the Fuensanta "La Moneta", and that guitar of Cañizares. The work of the dancer runs different techniques and, Of course, as many as sticks or flamenco styles are the soleá, soleá por bulería, bulería or threshing.
The work projects, in great architecture, the dramatic tension that we can hear in the small forms of flamenco.
Mauricio Sotelo closed the pages of this composition in last December, when it happened the death of the great singer Enrique Morente. For this reason the score bears the title: A memory of the great Enrique Morente.