OSCyL premieres directed by Gourlay “Landscapes of Castilla y León”

Three scores inspired by the sickles of the Duratón (Segovia), San Pedro de Arlanza (Burgos) and the Valley of Silence (Lion) up 'Landscapes of Castilla y León', to release the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon in the fourth subscription concert of the season 2019-20. Written by the winners of the three editions of the Competition composition OSCyL, Roman Gonzalez Escalera, Nuño Fernandez Lopez Ezquerra and Israel Estelche, the works will be presented in public on Thursday and Friday, 14 Y 15 of November (20.00 hours), in Jesús López Cobos Symphony Hall of the Cultural Center Miguel Delibes. An hour before, in the Chamber Hall, young composers hold a meeting with attendees in which they will discuss the creative process and the inspiring motives of their respective parts. Under the direction of Andrew Gourlay, the program includes another premiere in Spain: "Nahãskti’ de John Tavener, and 'Violin Concerto’ de Karol Szymanowski, in both cases with the performance of the solo violinist Roberto Gonzalez vallisoletano Monjas. The concert will end with the 'Scythian Suite’ Prokofiev.

The season 2019-20 the Castile and León Symphony Orchestra concert offers subscription number 4 (Thursday 14 and Friday 15) a program of contemporary music including four premieres: three scores commissioned by the OSCyL the winners of the Essay Contest, Roman Gonzalez Escalera, Israel Nuño Fernández López Estelche and Ezquerra, and 'Mahasakti’ de John Tavener, first performed in Spain. The proposal has the added incentive of listening to the violinist Roberto Gonzalez vallisoletano Monjas solo, both in this last work as in 'Violin Concerto No. 1, on. 35’ de Karol Szymanowski, and will culminate with the 'Scythian Suite, on. 20’ Sergey Prokofiev.

The titular head of the OSCyL, Andrew Gourlay, will occupy the podium for a program that will start with 'Landscapes of Castilla y León'. Under that title common, which refers to the reasons of inspiration for authors, They are grouped the three pieces commissioned the winners of the contest that promotes creativity among young composers. The first will be to Román González Escalera (Real city, 1987), professor of composition at the Conservatory of Music of Castilla-La Mancha already opened the season OSCyL 2016-17 with 'Mystery’ and now presents' perpetual Swerve: Duratón sickles of the river ', inspired by aspects of the landscape as segoviano “the curvilinear shape of the river, rich flora and fauna, the depth of the canyon”, according to the composer himself.

Will follow 'Evocation of the monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza', Nuño Fernandez Ezquerra (Segovia, 1992), that after Brand 'light figure Wilderness’ last season of the Symphony returns to the land of its origins to reflect on three concepts: “weather, memory and ruin”, represented by burgalés cenobio. The triptych 'Landscape of Castile and Leon’ It will close with 'The Valley of Silence', Israel López Estelche (Santoña, 1983), He has found inspiration in the place of the present Bierzo in the title to create this "crescendo’ “dynamic and timbral”. The composer becomes walker and goes into the landscape of the Leonese Ancares from Peñalba de Santiago.

The three young composers' Landscapes of Castilla y León’ will participate in a preview (to 19.00 hours, in the Chamber Hall of the Cultural Center Miguel Delibes), in which they will relate to the public the creative process of their respective works and detail the grounds on which they have inspired.

The program limited to the music of the XX and XXI centuries will continue with the 'Violin Concerto’ de Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937), considered the most outstanding Polish composer after Chopin, Although it was not sufficiently recognized at the time. The vallisoletano violinist Roberto Gonzalez-Nuns will perform as a soloist one of his most acclaimed scores, inspired by the poem 'May Night', the Miciński. composed in 1916 and dedicated to Paul Kochanski violinist, the work breaks with the classical scheme of concertos for solo instrument to the consist of a single movement. It is a sort of rhapsodic suite framed in the second creative stage of Szymanowski, to the margin of austrogermánicas influences and with a personal and impressionistic style.

Spain premiere of 'Mahashakti', de John Tavener

The public can enjoy another first subscription concert in the number 4, OSCyL interpreted as the first in Spain 'Mahashakti, violin, tam-tam and strings’ of the British John Tavener (1944-2013), again with González-Nuns at the lectern. Commissioned by the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, The work was first performed in 2005 by Athens Camerata and violinist Leonidas Kavakos director. It forms part of the most recurring line between scores of Tavener, which seeks communication with the divine, in this case through the 'Eternal Feminine'.

Symphony Orchestra will close the program with the 'Scythian Suite, on. 20’ Sergey Prokofiev (1891-1953), which it has its origins in a failed project ballet whose score was finally remade. This is a work in particularly demanding orchestral, inspired by the primitive culture Russian, specifically in the legends of the nomadic Scythian, and released in 1916 with the rejection of some contemporary composers who did not understand the compositional momentum of its author. Among his detractors, Asks yl Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev teachers at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

González-Monjas, in his role as soloist

The principal guest artist of OSCyL in season 2019-20, violinist Roberto Gonzalez-Monjas, participates in the fourth subscription concert as a soloist and will in the fifth and fourteenth directorial. As an artist in residence of the Orchester, the musician will also be vallisoletano front chamber music projects and participate in educational activities.

principal conductor and artistic adviser of the Dalasinfoniettan of Sweden from this season, González-Monjas has managed to gain a foothold in the international arena of classical music, as corroborated by recent or future commitments collaborations with the Orchestra of the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Camerata Salzburg, Lahti Symphony and National Orchestra of Belgium, among other, in addition to appointments with the Galicia Symphony or the RTVE Symphony Orchestra.

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