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Rafael Riqueni performs his "Suite Sevilla" with the ROSS - Brío Clásica

Rafael Riqueni performs his "Suite Sevilla" with the ROSS

Rafael Riqueni

The next 24 of April, he Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, will host the premiere of Suite Sevilla by Rafael Riqueni, in version of Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, with the interpretation of Rafael Riqueni himself, Next to the Seville Symphony Orchestra (ROSS), directed by Manuel Busto.

The well-known Sevillian composer and musician, considered a living legend of the guitar, debuts with the ROSS in this concert organized in collaboration with the Institute of Culture and the Arts of Seville (ICAS) and the Bienal de Flamenco.

In 2011, Suite Sevilla It was adapted by the National Ballet of Spain with a show that has been performed on numerous stages around the world.. The famous guitarist Rafael Riqueni presents the definitive incarnation of Suite Sevilla, in concert version for guitar and symphony orchestra in four movements (The real, My walk, Dream, Y Reality), that describe poetic moments, sensations and places in the vital course of the city. The orchestration of the work has been carried out by Manuel Busto, one of the young Spanish directors and composers with the greatest projection on the symphonic scene, which has recently released the double production The love wizard – The Short Life at the Taiwan National Opera; Besides, has composed several commissions to be interpreted by the BNE in recent seasons. His method has been conceived from a deep study of the flamenco genre and its particularities, completing with Rafael Riqueni the precise tandem for the creation of "Suite Sevilla", Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra.

Suite Sevilla, disc published in 1993, it is the first work that successfully fused classical and flamenco music. In direct conjunction with essential elements of the jondo, Rafael Riqueni, renowned flamenco musician and composer, has developed an inimitable style on the guitar through his proven classical influence, in which he develops currents of Spanish romanticism and impressionism to create a defined harmonic concept in pursuit of "contemporary Andalusian music", what in 2017 I'd find an exceptional new chapter with Maria Luisa Park, considered one of the best albums of the year in Spain.

Rafael Riqueni (c) Manuel Naranjo

Teatro de la Maestranza

Rafael Riqueni