Riccardo Muti returns to the Royal Theatre with Don Pasquale, Donizetti

The Royal Theater offer, between days 13 Y 19 of May, four functions of Don Pasquale, de Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848), which contains in its pages a double and melancholy farewell: It was the last masterpiece of Italian opera buffa, He is culminating their way to the perfect synthesis of all his prolific tour; and the glorious farewell of its composer, whose disease worsened at the end of this score. The two operas still write before their final placement in the sanatorium of the French town of Ivry, They were created between the ravings of alienation and crises that hit the end of his tragic life hectic work, that would leave us more 70 operas.
Andrea De Rosa was inspired by the background of the stories of the Decameron, de Boccaccio, to create a staging that transcends the grotesque caricature of the characters and laughs at human misery in all of us. That complicity featured soloist quintet, led by the baritone Nicola Alaimo, in the title role, soprano Eleonora Buratto, as Norina -the last season was Susanna in I due Figaro, el tenor Dmitry Korchak, as Ernesto, -corner in L'arbore di Diana, Real, in 2010,- baritone Alessandro Luongo, Doctor Malatesta and baritone Davide Luciano, as a notary.
Riccardo Muti, who last season was a great success with the interpretation of I Due Figaro, of Saverio Mercadante, at the Theatre Royal, VOLVERA dirigir at the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra, group that he founded in 2004 and with which it has a special link in the dissemination of Italian music. This time he directed an opera that knows deeply -the debuted in Salzburg, in 1971, invitado por Herbert von Karajan- and already he played with this orchestra 2006, in Ravenna and 2008, in the Gold Room of the Musikverein in Vienna. Now it will do with the Titular Choir Teatro Real (Coro Intermezzo).