Tribute to Montserrat Caballe at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela He has started the new season with a heartfelt tribute to Montserrat Caballé. A Spanish lyric gala which is "your home in Madrid", as he never tires of repeating Daniel Bianco, director of this theater, he was excited in the words dedicated to the soprano at the beginning of the gala.

The gala has been starring exclusively for music. No projected images, only one at the beginning and end. Very suitable for honoring who lived for music. "He was looking for the music behind the music", Bianco noted in a speech that has thrilled children and siblings of Caballé, present at the event from stage No. 8, that take today the name of Montserrat Caballe.

Caballé debuted at La Zarzuela in 1964 with "Anthology of tonadilla and short life", under the direction of Maestro Alonso Odon. Since then there have been numerous their holdings, both operas and zarzuelas.

They participated in the gala Celso Albelo, Rubén Amoretti, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Yolanda Auyanet, Maria Bayo, Maite Beaumont, Gabriel Bermúdez, José Bros, Mariola Cantarero, Carlos Chausson, Andeka Gorrotxategi, Airan Hernandez, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Ismael Jordi, Pilar Jurado, David Menendez, Marina Monzó, Sabina Puértolas, Jose Luis Sola and Virginia Tola. All under the direction of maestro Oliver Diaz, in front of the Titular Orchestra of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Community of Madrid Orchestra. It should be noted that all interpretations have been at a high level, as the occasion deserved. At the end of the gala, his great friend Nuria Espert, everyone was excited recalling the great soprano in its human aspect.

A deserved and heartfelt tribute Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid and the public a unique singer.