Emocionante Matthias Goerne


Memorable recital Matthias Goerne at Teatro de la Zarzuela. German baritone indisposition, forced the change of dates, of the 5 February to 30 of May. Under result, postponement and waiting have been worth.
A carefully crafted recital, where works of R. Schumann y G. Mahler alternate with millimetric perfection. A deep coherent program, loaded with melancholic texts of love and farewells. And a masterful performance as a vehicle for the true and accurate nature of each of the works.

Goerne appeared on the stage on which concentrated minutes. Silences overture ninety minutes, without a rest, and perfectly grouped by themes, It was offering to continuously each of the titles scheduled. With an intensity that grew and hijack the Goerne itself and with him, to the public. A heartfelt performance, delicada y enérgica, according to the requirement of the work at all times. But always emotionally charged. Emotionality that a long waiting and so rarely arrives. That intense expression on interpretation excited demolishes everything in its way to stay in the room of the things you never forget.

I am lost to the world”, (I have retired from the world), It is the title of one of the most exciting lied Mahler who played Matthias Goerne, what if, for ninety minutes, He retired from the world we ...