The Blank Page

The blank page

The Blank Page. "Betting on evolution, not for the revolution " (B. Bartok)

The blank page is the first opera premiered a composer in Teatro Real. It was commissioned to Pilar Jurado within the policy that the theater has been established to give way and promote new composers. The first question that arises is whether it would be better not to select a work already completed. It is possible that in a drawer somewhere be a hidden gem.

The first opera Pilar Jurado, of which he is also scriptwriter and protagonist voice, It could be one of those gems but contains too many shortcomings.
The start is very encouraging. It is a cool music, without fanfare, sometimes delicate. A succession of silence marks the beginning of a plot fall in which boredom takes over the room. Only the end of the first act becomes tension. A positive aspect is that it is not long in his hour and fifty minutes long.

The work is musically interesting, It may well be one of those contemporary operas with more travel than just some representation premiere and more. Pilar Jurado has done a great job of composition and giving voice to Aisha Djarou, female protagonist of this work. But try as well as writing the libretto, Maybe there's been a bit pretentious for its part and has proved unsuccessful. It is a script literarily poor, with an argument mediocre and almost childlike. Evident and boring and detracts from an opera whose music is hopeful the case of a contemporary score. I do not understand the reluctance of some musicians to take an interest and use to his compositions, arguments indisputable literary quality existing.

The work wants to show the workings of the brain of a composer during the process of creating his work. The multitude of hallucinations and contradictions seize him now. All through a thriller emotions where music overemphasis minimaliza the libretto.

One of the greatest successes of this production of the Teatro Real is the scenery. Alexander Polzin It has built a large box as a triptych with predela. It is a result of great originality. In the middle box real-virtual life of the protagonist represents composer. In the side boxes appear allegorical images on the work that Ricardo, the protagonist, is writing. They are images animated "Hell" of the "Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Predela in the sordid reality shows, where the plot of deception and manipulation develops other characters.

The musical and aesthetically beautiful moment is produced in the central box, Ricardo's house, when he has just completed his work. The musician, rendered by fatigue and deeply in love, She falls into the arms of Aisha on a beautiful cloud holding both.
The box is very balanced vocals. They resolve all their participation with dignity. There is a very demanding score but allows the brilliance of voices. To emphasize the character of the robot Kobayashi, played by countertenor Andrew Watts. Their participation is short but demanding, in his short speech, His voice runs three octaves.
As we have pointed, The blank page is hopeful of Pilar Jurado inside the melancholic national panorama of contemporary music. Trust in the evolution of his music and his compositions and a better choice of librettos.

Pilar Jurado (1968)
Opera in two acts in Spanish
Libretto by the composer
D. musical: Titus Engel
D. scene: David Hermann
Scenography: Alexander Polzin
Lighting: Urs Schönebaum
Video address: Claudia Rohrmoser
D. Choir: Andrés Máspero
Otto Katzameier, Nikolai Schukoff, Pilar Jurado,
Natasha Petrnsky, Hernán Iturrarlde,
Andrew Watts, José Luis It used
World Premiere
Work commissioned by the Royal Theater