Sacrifice en Madrid

Sacrificium Madrid

April Durane, Cecilia Bartoli returns to Spain to offer a series of recitals tra success of his latest work, “sacrifice”.
Roman mezzo give recitals in San Sebastián, Bilbao, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Valladolid, Pamplona and Vitoria. On this occasion it will be accompanied by the group with the Scintilla.

In his previous recital at the Royal, back in April, He generated doubt and left completely satisfied everyone. But this was different. Domain scenic and repertoire from start to finish, strength dating, with verve, demonstrating deep knowledge about music and history of the era of the castrati, axis on which treats your disk and is the product of extensive research, (of those to which he usually does) and that is reflected in an extraordinary performance on stage.
The era of the castrati and recreation, starting the dressing to the way of interpreting, cause, as then, delirium and emotion in an audience given. Bartoli scenic drives like no time. Su carisma, personality, magnetism and sympathy, They join their technical qualities, great agility in coloratura parts and a radiant voice, although somewhat fair but devilishly clever and forceful.

And that change the registration to reach the dramatic arias, the most beautiful and delicate, notes on their lips, letting out a sound full of melancholy and thin as a thread. Brilliant Especialmente and "Who does not feel my pain", one emocionantísimo "Parto, I leave you, or face "and delicate and penetrating" CADRO, ma which itself sight ".
A recreated the atmosphere of the era of the castrati in this recital, only lacked a crowded theater audience (it was) but occupying all, the stairs, the hallways and anywhere where a soul cupiese.
Not subtract one iota of merit in the success of this recital and recording, the Giardino Armonico ni of a Director, Giovanni Antonini. Group specialized in this type of repertoire and a companion usual Bartoli. La delicadeza de sus interpretaciones son el marco perfecto para las pinceladas que, with master stroke, Roman mezzo-soprano performs. For anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to listen, will return in the spring to Spain in what will be the continuation of his tour of various locations.