53 Religious Music Week in Cuenca


The 53 RELIGIOUS MUSIC WEEK BASIN began his career, with courage and willingness to maintain the same quality standards that have meaning along these 53 years, In addition to defending the values ​​of culture.

During Easter 2014 We will visit a wide range of events including, as usual, we will have the opportunity to hear great works of religious repertoire as St. John Passion, BWV 245 Johann Sebastian Bach, the oratory of Beethoven Christ on the Mount of Olives O Los Grandes Motetes Jean Philippe religious Rameau.

We could establish as fundamental points of this edition:

Music and Painting

  1. I. El Greco and his European tour

The edition of the Religious Music Week in Cuenca 2014, It adds to the events commemorating the fourth centenary of the death of Greco.

In programming there are three concerts dedicated, each one of them, the cities that, certainly they marked the life and artistic career of the painter:

– Venice, where it was contemporary painters as Tiziano and Veronese, or composers Gabrieli, Ferrarese.

– Roma y Palestrina.

– And Toledo and El Escorial during the years he lived in Spain.

We have set ourselves an ambitious reconstruction of the Divine Office (or Liturgy of the Hours) Good Friday: songs accompanying prayer in each of the hours that day: feed, thank, before, tercia, nona, crafts, Vespers and Compline.

Adapted to the special circumstances of a city like Cuenca with its processional tradition, They can be heard on the Cathedral.

For this project we have the invaluable collaboration of Schola Antiqua and Tallis Scholars (both Resident Artists of the SMRC) they will rebuild, as faithfully as possible, this Office.

II. Painting and Contemporary Creation

always supporting the new creation, the 53 edition of the Week has made two commissioned works: Release

– One of them, composer Mario Carro, Visions of Beyond, work inspired by the painting of the same name Hieronymus Bosch. The play, preserved in the ducal palace in Venice, four parts (like the work of Carro): Terrenal.paradise, Ascent to the Empyrean, the Fall of the Damned and Hell. It will be premiered by Ensemble Sax Monday Santo, 14 of April. This concert also invites us to remember, in the second centenary of his birth, has Adolphe Saxe, inventor of the saxophone.

– The second, Austrian composer Klaus Lang. This order will be released on 15 April by the Coro Coddetta and Contemporary Creation Workshop. The concert will link the work of Morton Feldman, Rothko Chapel, with Klaus Lang and will be a tribute to Fernando Zóbel. It will have a projection of images, the realization of which will be borne by Pia Elizondo and Poldo Pomes. The assembly of Morton Feldman's work is done in collaboration with the International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada.

– Iagoba Fanlo, the day 16 April will hold its concert halls Antonio Saura Foundation. It will be a concert dedicated to contemporary music for cello and work of Benet Casablancas be construed, National Music Award 2013, Search por Chillida dedicated to the interpreter.

– The sessions have been organized this year, will this subject and roundtables will review the relationship painting and music from different perspectives: iconography, musicología, creation, etc. From the medieval miniatures El Greco, Zobel and Rothko to what we will have specialists in each of the topics.



On the occasion of 400 anniversary of the birth of Juan Hidalgo, Cayrasco Chapel offer a concert with Mass to 5 composer, motets accompanied by his contemporary in the Madrid court Carlos Patiño, native of Santa María del Campo Rus, Cuenca.

This concert has been chosen by the European Broadcasting Union and broadcast live to all broadcasters in Europe that conform.

And recovery figure:

Likewise, remember to figures like Jean Philippe Rameau, in the concert of Holy Saturday more unknown works but of unquestionable beauty, the Grandes Motetes, with the participation of the choir and orchestra of period instruments “Centuries” under the direction of Bruno Procopio and the participation of Maria Bayo, concert broadcast by RNE as both Radio France.

COURSES. Chants for Easter

Journeys, roundtables to review the painting and music relationship..

From the standpoint of musical and liturgical, the chants of Holy Week is one of the pillars of the composition of the Gregorian repertoire. These days the liturgy preserves the most archaic forms with the most advanced, the formal musically simpler, with innovative, always yes, within the sobriety of monodic chant of the Church. The course, organized by the 53 SMR edition of Cuenca and the AHisECGre aims to address these songs for both the general public and scholars of Gregorian chant


By last, we must not forget the importance of the marvelous spaces that Cuenca offers – World Heritage City- and serve as natural settings for each of the activities scheduled.

Many of them add their architectural beauty to an intense religious spirit. The events will be held at the Cathedral, at the Auditorium Theater, in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, in the Church of San Miguel, Arcas in the Church and in Merced.

Incorporation of new spaces this year:

This year, we will also have the collaboration of the Museum of Abstract Art, the amazing and unknown Church Valeria (Romanesque) and the Foundation Antonio Saura.

They exemplify perfectly, the connection between the historical and the contemporary.

The 53 SMR will take place from 12 April 2014, Saturday of Passion, al 20 of April, Easter Sunday. In the same urban environment Cuenca are held in parallel Holy Week processions declared of Cultural Interest.

This unique environment with an ambitious program places the 53 SMR, once again, in the spotlight of the international music world.

Pilar Thomas

artistic director