The Teatro de la Zarzuela begins a new season of the cycle 'About...' Felipe Pedrell


Guillermo García Calvo, musical director of Teatro de la Zarzuela, will open this next Sunday, 11 of September (12h00) at Ambigú of the coliseum a new season of the cycle 'About…'. This first recital will be dedicated to the musical and intellectual circle of Felipe Pedrell –who has just celebrated the centenary of his death– on the occasion of the premiere in this days, after 120 years of its composition, of the opera ‘La Celestina’ in a concert version directed by the teacher himself.

to place the public, and following a common thread similar to a journey, each piece will be previously introduced by word of mouth by the conductor and pianist, to then go on to illustrate his explanations on the piano. The connections between the composer from Tortosa, his works and those of his contemporaries, linking the work of our most illustrious composers and the from national and international schools of each stage.

In this concert and under the title ‘Piano and folk music’, García Calvo will tie the very personal cosmos of Pedrell at Enrique Granados, Edvard Grieg, Aleksandr Cherepnín, Béla Bartók and Alberto Ginastera, arguing with words and with music.

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