ABAO Bilbao Opera postpones the premiere of Alzira

ABAO Bilbao Opera

After the announcement of the new measures decreed by public administrations to control the COVID-19 pandemic, that include strong restrictions on mobility and capacity, ABAO Bilbao Opera is forced to postpone the expected premiere of the opera Alzira, scheduled for 21 of November.

Opera Giuseppe Verdi the historic project of the Tutto Verdi Association was going to close this season, an unprecedented cultural program around the world, in which throughout 15 years have been represented in the Bilbao scene 30 Verdian catalog titles, conference cycles, recordings and various publications

Current measures taken to contain the spread of the virus, prevent more than half of ABAO members and lyric fans in general, go to functions. further, These restrictions also affect Europe and make it extremely difficult to carry out pre-production preparations, making it difficult to carry out the premiere of an opera with guarantees of success that has aroused enormous interest in the world of lyricism due to its uniqueness, and that would put a finishing touch to this emblematic project of the Association and a worldwide lyrical reference

To be able to give the appropriate closure to the Tutto Verdi project, the Association is working, together with all those involved in the staging of this opera: all the cast, orchestra and technical and creative teams, in search of a new agenda that allows to carry out this extraordinary premiere of such an unusual work in the history of opera. Alzira will be represented in a next season, becoming the sixth subscription title of the same.

Since the start of the pandemic, ABAO is working with the clear will to keep cultural activity alive, always collaborating with the authorities and modifying the programming to adapt to the circumstances arising from this extraordinary situation. Until now, everything possible has been done to move forward with the planned programming, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so with the quality and excellence that have always characterized the Association., trying in addition to minimize the economic damage as much as possible.

If circumstances permit, ABAO Bilbao Opera will resume the season next January with the staging of Samson and Delilah Camille Saint-Saëns, twenty years after his last replacement in the Bilbao season. The Association aware that culture must be considered as an essential good for society, bet that opera continues to be present in the social life of our community, maintaining their activity as other economic and social disciplines are doing whenever circumstances allow.