#ABAOcasa, programming of 27 April to 3 of May

Billy Bood

LA BOHEME (G. Puccini)

Represented in October 2018

Ainhoa ​​Arteta (Mimí), Rodolfo Teodor Ilincai (Rodolfo), Artur Ruciski (Marcello), Jessica Nuccio (Musetta), David Menendez (Schaunard), Krzysztof Bączyk (Colline), Fernando Latorre (Benoit and Alcindoro), Director musical: Pedro Halffter, Stage-manager: Mario Pontiggia, choir director: Boris Dujin, Bilbao Opera Choir, Sdad Children's Choir. Bilbao Coral, Symphony.

The unmistakable title of Giacomo Puccini, opened the season 2018/2019 with a Mimi of breaks and tears, as is the one that Ainhoa ​​Arteta has always sung. She is an unlimited connoisseur of the feminine personality of the composer's characters and that is why her temperament is so well suited to all her recreations.

Until Thursday 30 of April

BILLY BUDD (B. Britten)

Represented in October 2009

Nathan Gunn (Billy Budd), Timothy Robinson (Captain Vere), Sir John Tomlinson (John Claggart), Christopher Robertson (Mr. Redburn), Johannes Weisser (Mr. Flint), Fernando Latorre (Lieutenant Ratcliffe), Hans Jürgen Schöpflin (Red Whiskers), Nikolay Borchev (Donald), Markus Hollop (Dane), Michael Spyres (Maintop), Cosmin Ifrim (A Novice), Andrew Ashwin (Novice’s friend), Esteve Manel (Bosun), Alberto Núñez (First Mate), Fernando Laborda (Second Mate), Pablo Lopez (Arthur Jones), Director musical: Juanjo Mena, Stage-manager: Davide Livermore, choir director: Boris Dujin, Bilbao Opera Chorus Bilbao Symphony Orchestra.

The literary history created by the word magician Hermann Melville, was brought to opera by Benjamin Britten, one of the most represented contemporary composers. this production, which was a stage challenge for ABAO, it was equally successful at all levels. It was the second time that a Britten title had been performed, and the audience was delirious with the wickedness that Sir John Tomlinson breathed in his cruel character and the kindness of the baritone Nathan Gun as the unfortunate Billy Budd. Juanjo Mena knew how to endow with his mastery this opera that rocked under his command like the protagonist's own ship in the sea

Until Sunday 3 of May

FIOFLIO (L. Beethoven)

Represented in November 2018

Elena Pankratova (Leonore – Fidelio), Peter Wedd (Florestan), Till Faveyts (Rocco), Anett Fritsch (Marzelline), Mikeldi Atxalandabaso (Jaquino), Sebastian Holecek (Don Pizarro), Remove Egils (Mr.Fernando), Manuel Gomez Ruiz (Prisoner 1) Felipe Bou (Prisoner 2), Director musical: Juanjo Mena, Stage-manager: José Carlos Plaza, Reposition scene director: Gregor Acuna-Pohl, choir director: Boris Dujin Bilbao Opera Choir, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra.

It was again Juanjo Mena who, from the ocean storms of Britten, took us by Beethoven's notes to the Seville prison where Fidelio / Leonora and Florestan live their tribulations. Impressive performance by soprano Elena Pankratova, in a production whose plastic moved all the spectators and with which we celebrate the historical representation number 1.000 de ABAO.


See you Monday 27 of April


Represented in March 2016

Marta Zubieta, Mikeldi Atxalandabaso, hope Mentxaka, Jose Manuel Diaz, Marifé Nogales, Gexan Etxabe, Olatz Saitua, Itziar de Unda, Musical direction and piano: Rubén Fernández Aguirre, Stage direction and dramaturgy: fake Santamarina, Let Korala, Orquesta Kissar Ensemble, Production: ABAO Bilbao Opera.

See you Monday 4 of May


Represented in January 2018

Alfonso García-Noain, Carlos Crooke, Marta Infante, Enrique Sánchez Ramos, Itxaso Moriones, Noemí Irisarri Idoia Martínez Leyre Medina, Director musical: Jesús María Echeverría, Stage direction: Pablo Ramos, OCN Adult and Children's Choirs and OCN Opera School., Pamplona City Orchestra, Co-production: ABAO Bilbao Opera, Chamber Opera of Navarra.


  • Until the 28 of April. Podcast the ABC of opera. Conference on La Boheme de Puccini by Eva Sandoval
  • Until the 3 of May. Podcast the ABC of opera. Lecture on Beethoven's Fidelio by Luis Gago