Dido and Aeneas adaptation for young audiences

Dido and Aeneas

Next weekend, 19 Y 20 from December, One of the great youth shows scheduled for this season arrives at the Teatro Real: Dido and Aeneas, a hipster Tale. Adaptation of the opera Henry Purcell Dido and Aeneas, composed 1688, which tells the love story of Dido, Queen of Carthage, and Eneas, Trojan hero, and it is considered one of the most dramatic and interesting works of Baroque.

The proposal that we will see on stage at the Royal, Rafael R. Villalobos, responsible for the dramaturgy and staging, moves the action to today, XXI century, to analyze the difficult period of adolescence and seek answers to the problems and experiences that young people today: The development of personality, friendship, love, jealousy, he bullying.. with dialogues and youth vocabulary close to the public for which it has been conceived.

The action takes place during the birthday party Dido, It celebrated in a colorful and cozy garden. Beautiful designs Maite Agorreta, also responsible for figurines, and lighting Miguel Ruz, playful and cheerful form a framework in which crop up insecurities and jealousies group, whose intrigues weave a painful situation in which all border on the edge of "bad" and "good" and help us reflect on the search for balance.

Youth Dido and Aeneas, a hipster Tale, It also moves to the musical interpretation, led by the group of baroque music Antiqva form, the head of which is Aarón Zapico, musical director of production, five musicians To the JORCAM. A selection of new and brilliant performers led by Adriana Mayer (Dido), Diego Blázquez (Eneas), Sandra Redondo (Belinda), Aurora Peña (Second Woman), Konstantin Derri (Sorcerer), Urszula Bardlowska (Second Witch) Y Thiago Vaz Y Javier words (friends).

The website of the Royal Theatre, in its section of children's and youth shows, has extended information about the show in an interesting educational guide that viewers can download for free, to delve into the dramaturgical aspects, musical and philosophical representation: http://www.teatro-real.com/es/ninos-y-jovenes/programa-pedagogico/espectaculos-infantiles/dido-amp-eneas

the mornings of the days 19 Y 20 from December, in double sessions, to 11.00 and to the 13.00 hours, the baroque becomes modern in an opera show that is much more than music and from which no one will leave indifferent.