Alban Berg Lulu at the Liceu

From the 3 November at the Gran teatre del Liceu stages the play by Alban Berg, Loulou. Under the musical direction of Michael Boder, we can see a great cast with Patricia Petibon, Michael Volle, Paul Groves, Andreas Hörl, Franz Grundheber, Julia drink, Silvia de la Muela, Will Hartmann, Robert Woerle, Monique Simon and others.
In an opera in which Berg masterfully portrays the society of his time, and based on the romantic tragedies of Frank Wedekind, The Earth Spirit (the spirit of the earth) y Pandora's box (Pandora's box).
A staging through the character of Lulu who, as a new Femme fatale openly poses sexuality in a society full of innocence and prejudice. Controversial work at the time that accompanied the liberal current that spread through Europe at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.
A promising production with Olivier Py as stage director not suitable for minors, or at least that's what the theater announces.