Andalucía Flamenca, the best flamenco returns to the Auditorium

The next Friday 15 November will begin the cycle Andalucía Flamenca in the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, music series co-produced by the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM) and the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco (belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía) will present a total of 7 concerts to 22 May 2020. The manager will inaugurate the cantaor gaditano Antonio Reyes, with guitar Diego del Morao. Behind them also they trample the Chamber Hall of the National Music Auditorium figures singing as Archangel (13 from December), Tomasa Guerrero “L'Mkanita” next to Ana Maria Ramirez "La Yiya" (17 from January), Israel Fernández (14 February), guitarist Rafael Riqueni (6 of March), the singer Maria Earthquake (24 of April) Y Antonia Contreras next to Fabiola Perez "La Fabi" (22 of May).

The Andalucía Flamenca cycle was born in 2008 seeking to consolidate its kind in the capital, objective that it has achieved by becoming a quality flamenco offer for the Madrid public that can be seen, year after year, countersigned by the sign "no entry", as in this season that begins with all the seats sold for the 7 concerts in the Chamber Hall.

Antonio Reyes, classicism and modernity

Antonio Reyes Montoya was born in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1975. He did within a family of flamenco tradition: his maternal grandfather and uncle Antonio Montoya Montoya Roque “Jarrito”, to which is added the paternal kinship that links him with José Cortés Jiménez “Pansequito”. It rose for the first time on stage when he was 7 years, during the celebration of the feast of the Parpuja Chiclana. Shortly after, in 1984, He starred in the bullring in Jerez, within the cycle of 'Flamenco Thursdays’ organized by guitarist Manuel Morao. His career soon garnered major awards. With 10 years won first prize in Fuengirola, in the form of youth. In 1988, with 13 years, It was a finalist in the contest Mairena of the Alcor; that same year he traveled the United States with the Company Gitanos de Jerez, directed by Manuel Morao, and then Europe with the show "Misa Flamenca". From 2000 It was consolidated as a professional to achieve awards the Memorial Camaron de la Isla and the National Flamenco Art Contest. To this was added, in 2014, the Giraldillo to the Cante Flamenco Biennial in Seville “to incorporate their personality to the legacy of the great masters”, as noted jury. In 2008 recorded his first album, South wind, to which was followed in 2015 Circle live Flamenco de Madrid, with the guitarist Diego Morao.

Photograph: oliver Viladoms Studio

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