Andrea Bocelli streaming live from the Duomo in Milan

Andrea Bocelli

Easter Sunday (12 April 2020), Italian tenor and musical icon Andrea Bocelli will give a solo performance at the historic cathedral of Milan, Italy, invited by the city and the cathedral; thanks to the hospitality of the Archpriest and Veneranda Fabbrica of the Duomo.
"On the day we celebrate the triumph of life, It is an honor and joy to respond with a 'yes' to the invitation of the City and the Cathedral of Milan ". This is how Andrea Bocelli accepted the invitation of the City of Milan in these dark times that have hurt all over Italy.

There will be this hearing and access to the public shall be strictly prohibited (according to the rules of Covid-19 government), but the concert will be broadcast globally and exclusively on the YouTube channel tenor, from 19:00 hours, uniting the whole world in the face of this global pandemic.
In a concert that will represent a message of love, healing and hope for Italy and the rest of the world, el Duomo, national and international point of reference and is currently closed to the public, will open its doors exclusively to Andrea Bocelli who is accompanied only by the cathedral organist, Emanuele Vianelli, that will touch one of the largest organs in the world. Carefully selected songs with a special composition for solo voice and organ this time, They include the beloved Ave Maria Bach / Gounod and Mascagni Sancta Maria – an inspiring and sacred musical repertoire on a symbolic day of rebirth.

The event is sponsored by the Milan Cathedral and Veneranda Fabbrica of the Duomo, produced by Sugar Music and Universal Music Group, thanks to the generous contribution of YouTube. Andrea Bocelli's participation is completely voluntary (in collaboration with Almud and Maverick Management).
"I am very pleased that Andrea has accepted our invitation", said the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. "This year, Easter will be very different for all of us. The cheerful serenity that usually brings this day has been afflicted by the pandemic we are living. I am sure that the extraordinary voice of Bocelli will be the embrace that we miss these days, a strong, special and warm embrace for the hearts of Milan, Italy and the world ".

"Our 'Hallelujah' is an invitation to put into the ark forty days ago and the flood that has reached us all, almost he made us forget the joy of expressing Easter Day. Voice and word of Andrea Bocelli reminds us that the reason for our hope does not come from us, It is a gift that comes from God. This is what it means sponsoring from our cathedral – home to the people of Milan – and through the voice Bocelli, the confidence we have in the Spirit of the Risen Crucifix help us shape the days that we have been given in his Kingdom, the one who wanted a new humanity united and fraternal ", Gianantonio said Monsignor Borgonovo, Archpriest of Milan Cathedral.

"I believe in the power of praying together; I believe in the Christian Passover, a universal symbol of resurrection that all – whether or not believers – really you need right now. Thanks to the music, broadcast live and clasping hands joining millions around the world, embrace wounded heart pounding and Earth, This forges incredible source of pride Italian. generous, brave and proactive city of Milan, with all Italy, It will be back and soon a winning model and engine of the rebirth we all hope.


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