Andrea Jimenez plunges us into the universe beautiful and electrifying of Basque song

Andrea Jimenez, Basque song

In this season of the Teatro de la Zarzuela the Basque music is undisputed star. Since its opening in October, the happy intention was guessed with 'The village' of Jesus Guridi. Then came the 'Cuartetos Basque' in one of the concerts of the cycle 'Chamber Sundays with Ñ' that lead groups made up of teachers from the Titular Orchestra of the Theater, BARREL, and after them ‘Mirentxu’, also Guridi, on the first occasion that the Coliseum was sung Plazuela de Jovellanos in Basque. Now it's the turn of the young Navarrese soprano Andrea Jimenez, who will submerge us tomorrow Tuesday 4 February (20h00) and within the Notes cycle Ambigú, at beautiful and electrifying world of the Basque songbook. The interpreter will be accompanied on the piano by Ramón Grau.

In the recital there will be five protagonists indispensable composers of our music: Jesus Guridi (How can we not!), of whom Jiménez will sing the ‘Six children's songs’ with texts by Jesus Maria de Arozamena; Pablo Sorozábal, who, said passage is, and the thread of the aforementioned considerations, He will take over this constellation of Basque music closing the opera season with 'The proprietress of the port'; José María Usandizaga, who will interpret ‘Vascongada Rhapsody’ and the pages for piano solo ‘Jota’; Emiliana de Zubeldia, with the 'Six Spanish folk songs'; Y Emilio Arrieta, who may hear 'The waif', 'The Shadow' or 'loving birds trill', this last romanza of the zarzuela ‘The planet Venus’ with texts by Ventura de la Vega.

He Teatro de la Zarzuela it will be like that again different place where live concerts also as a unique experience. Public and artists sharing music in communion. Coming in the same plane, wrapped by the privacy of that warm living room which is the Ambigú.

A concert Andrea Jimenez, fifth cycle, the tenor and actor will follow Ángel Ruiz dedicated to the Cuplé, soprano Ruth González 'Three passions of women', Baroque training The retreat led by cellist Josetxu Obregón 'The Spiritillo Brando', guitarist Ricardo Gallén 'Romantic Guitar', he trio Arbós with its new delivery 'Chamber Music' and soprano Berna Beads Joaquín Turina.