Ángel Ruiz and César Belda, tribute to Latin America in the Cycle Notes from Ambigú

Ángel Ruiz

There are music that from listening to them so much, to accompany us so much, they end up coloring our existence to their liking. Some years, some hours, some moments. They stay, they stayed to live inside us like a vital organ. Essential. This is precisely the essence of the trip that they propose to us the tenor and actor Ángel Ruiz and the pianist César Belda in the recital that they will offer tomorrow Tuesday, 15 of June (20h00), to culminate the Notes from the Ambigú Cycle from the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

Compositions that marked the careers of their authors and performers, and that became essential hymns, in personal belongings of the public's emotional baggage. Songs that fly from Argentina with Caesar Illera, Ariel ramirez, Juan Carlos Cobian, Chestnut Chub O Fito Paez; to Peru with Chabuca Granda; to Venezuela with Simon Diaz; to Cuba with Snowball O Pablo Milanes; to Chile with Violeta Parra O Victor Jara; to Brazil with Vinicius de Moraes.

And so, in full flight of evocation and delight, Notes from Ambigú cycle will be dismissed this season. With the unalterable complicity between audience and performers. With the intimacy that turns music into a sacred heritage.