Archangel gives voice to Dante in “Halfway through life”, by Sotelo


Monday, 13 December at 19:30 hours, he National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) presents in the audience 400 of the Reina Sofía Museum a premiere of its resident composer Mauricio Sotelo, Series in the cycle 20/21. The unique voice of singer Archangel, flanked by three exceptional musicians — Pablo Martín Caminero (double bass), Juan Carlos Garvayo (piano) and Agustin Diassera (percussion)— enters the Flemish latitudes of Halfway through life, a commission from the CNDM itself to Sotelo to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.

The play premiered successfully last 10 of May, but the capacity limitations as a result of the pandemic and the regulations of the Community of Madrid justify this new enhancement of the score in the hands of a cast of four musicians of apparently disparate styles as far as they are versed in the widest spectrum of styles and influences: from classical music to jazz passing, Of course, for the flamingo. Access to this concert, like all of the Series cycle 20/21, is free until full capacity allowed in the room.

Performances with pieces by Mauricio Sotelo (Madrid, 1961) in its 60th anniversary will be extended throughout the season in various towns of the national geography and abroad. After the successful premiere in Spain, last 29 of November, from Red inner light sculpture, series cycles 20/21, Liceo de Cámara XXI and Circuits will allow us to approach its original sound horizon through the integral of his string quartets (a cargo of the Diotima; he 9 of May) or witness the premiere of another commissioned work of the CNDM, About images, a combination of signs and ideas (which will be conducted by the composer himself at the head of the eminent Klangforum Wien; he 31 from January), among other highlights of the calendar. As has been affirmed by Sotelo: «His music has thought and reflected a lot, but, especially, the has dreamed from the freedom to imagine a whole sound network of its own, coherent, vital and dynamic».

The origin of Halfway through life, score in which Sotelo transcends flamenco in a contemporary key, refers us to a chance meeting on the AVE between the composer and the poet, musician and translator José María Micó. The work is based on fragments of Micó's translation of the Divine Comedy from Dante to Sotelo defines as «spectral flamingo», alluding to French spectralism. Before the gates of hell there are nine songs, each with his own stick (seguiriya, sing for soleares, bulerías, joys…) until we reach paradise.

Micó, great connoisseur of the boundless legacy of the Supreme Poet, will go on stage to put in context the fragments selected by the composer and act as a "translator" simultaneous" of this masterpiece of universal literature before the interpretation begins, during which Sotelo will recite some passages and direct the musicians. The cantaor Arcángel has also participated very actively in the final result of this commission from CNDM.

Mauricio Sotelo (Madrid, 1961) He is one of the Spanish composers with the greatest international projection. He studied Composition with Francis Burt at the Vienna University of Music., where I know graduated in 1987 with Extraordinary Prize. He also studied electroacoustics with Dieter Kaufmann and conducting with Karl Österreicher.. Later, he deepened his knowledge with Luigi Nono, whose thought still exerts a notable influence on the imaginary of his work, published by in the catalog of the illustrious Viennese Universal Edition. In 2001, received the National Music Award.

In addition to the complete of his quartets and the premieres of Red inner light sculpture (premiered in Spain last 29 of November), Halfway through life (13 from December) Y About images, a combination of signs and ideas (31 from January), throughout the season the experienced pianist Juan Carlos Garvayo will present part of Sotelo's piano opus on stages in Madrid and Badajoz (included a homage to alfred brendel contained in Still a secret and the long-awaited premiere of Dawn enters the Alhambra) and the violinist Lina Tur Bonet, resident artist of the season, will premiere Light blue and gold, another work commissioned by the CNDM. also Sinfonietta of the Reina Sofía School of Music joins the "Sotelo season" by the director Johannes Kalitzke (7 of March) Y, on the lectern, commissioned by the prestigious music center in collaboration with the CNDM: a sea of ​​dreams, Suite nº 1 from The public.

The approach to flamenco universe is a constant in Sotelo's compositional catalog, who has written a large number of pieces related to the music that emerged in al-Andalus, since Soleá O Bulería (1984) until How the wind cries for guitar and orchestra (2007). With the emblematic singer Enrique Morente collaborated in darkness responses (1993) Y Expulsion of the triumphant beast (1996). its Opera The public, premiered six years ago at the Teatro Real based on Lorca's confessional drama, he also masterfully combined the western operatic tradition with flamenco and modern electronic techniques.

Photograph (c) Silvia Sanchez