Dancing on the volcano


Entitled Dancing on the volcano, The Royal Theatre has scheduled a series of five concerts to be held in parallel with the representations of Moses and Aaron, de Arnold Schoenberg, Y Der Kaiser von Atlantis, de Viktor Ullmann, a tribute to the composers of the years 20 a 40, European culture convulsive period in which artistic creation became lifesaver and escape to the horror growing in society at the time.

The concerts will take place between 5 Y 26 They may and will be carried out by Measha Brueggergosman, Salome Kammer, Dagmar Manzel Y Sylvia Schwartz, the latter staged by Gustavo Tambascio under the title Música en Terezín, the Sony Auditorium of the Albéniz Foundation, all the 20.00 hours.

The programs of these great artists will tour the music of the cabaret, the soundtracks of such iconic films as The Blue Angel and the prelude to what would be Hollywood musicals. Through their voices the memory of those composers who saw his career cut short by Nazi barbarism rescue, others who survived the horror and emigrated to the United States where they began a new life.

In addition cycle Dancing on the volcano, Teatro Real complements its programming dedicated to creativity in the interwar period with activities designed in collaboration with other cultural institutions, conferences and courses that try to analyze this time.


Lyrical cycle chamber concerts in the auditorium of the Albéniz Foundation


Recital de Measha Brueggergosman

Arnold Schoenberg and his disciples in California

Works by Arnold Schoenberg and others

Measha Brueggergosman, soprano

Julius Drake, piano

5 Y 7 May at 20.00 hours


Recital de Dagmar Manzel

Film music at the time of the Weimar Republic

Works by Friedrich Holländer, author of the soundtrack The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich. Free movies The Blue Angel, The man, of his killer searches, Songs of a poor girl, A Foreign Affair, Haunting in Villa Star, The Red Thread and others.

Dagmar Manzel, singer

Michael Abramovich, piano

12 May at 20.00 hours


Recital de Salome Kammer

The Jewish cabaret in the Weimar Republic

Works by Arnold Schoenberg, Hans Pfitzner, Richard Strauss, Oscar Straus, Paul Strasser, Kurt Weill, Erich Zeisl, Hugo Ball, Erwin Schulhoff, Eduard Künneke, Rudolf Nelson y Friedrich Holländer and others

Salome Kammer, singer

Rudi Spring, piano

19 May at 20.00 hours

Música en Terezín

Works by Pavel Haas, Hans Krasa, Adolf Strauss, Viktor Ullmann and others

Gustavo Tambascio, stage-manager

Juan Mayorga, texts

Sylvia Schwartz, soprano

26 May 2016. 20.00 hours