Barenboim presenta "Beethoven for All"

Decca has presented the complete Beethoven symphonies, recorded live by Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Cologne, project testimonial: “Beethoven for all”, which began with a world tour in 2010 at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires.
The WEDO orchestra was founded in 1999 by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim as “a forum for young musicians from all the different countries of the Middle East to come together, to have an opportunity to make music together and thus fight against the ignorance they have of each other.”
The project is a reflection of the universality of music. As Barenboim points out, “music is for everyone who opens their mind and heart. It takes that curiosity and it takes careful listening, but then it's for everyone. And if you ask people who think they're not musically inclined: who do you know?, they say: a Beethoven. So if we want music for everyone, then it has to be Beethoven.”
further, explains that this composer was at the center of the entire development of the orchestra because he has everything: “it's dramatic, lyrical,'s anything but one thing, there is nothing superficial. It really deals with what is essential for the human being.”
Despite acknowledging that the record market does not need another cycle of Beethoven, clarify that these recordings “they are different because they contain an impressive amount of energy (due to the youth of the musicians of the instrumentalists), but there is rigor in exactly the same proportion. And the combination of rigor with energy is very powerful.”
“Beethovewn for all” It will be the first classic Fi-Di album of Universal Music Spain, a format that will allow all those who buy his album in physical format to enjoy exclusive digital content of interest on the website, which they can access with a personal code that will be included inside the album.