Brahms, Schumann and Duo Regen in the Canal Theater

Duo Regen

Theaters Canal Madrid present Brahms y Schumann: love, music and friendship, a violin and piano concert performed by the Duo Regen within the Family Concerts of the Ibercaja Music Cycle next Saturday 11 November in the Green Room at 12am.

Clara and Robert Schumann married in 1840 after years of secret romance in which the exchange of thematic material and musical symbology plagued the musical production of both. Music and love were an inseparable constant that continued beyond Robert's untimely death in 1856. Brahms met the Schumanns in 1853 and from the first moment they established a complex relationship of friendship and mutual admiration.

After the loss of Robert, Brahms contributed to the support of the family and maintained that ambiguous relationship with Clara, with which he felt fully linked to the point of needing his approval before publishing his works.

This program aims to be a tribute to this story as well as claim the figure of Clara as a composer, that had to overcome the prevailing prejudices at the time about the role of women

The Regen duo is formed by the violinist David Otero Aragonese and pianist Ruben Ramiro. Rubén Ramiro is specialized in the interpretation of Spanish music, although in his concerts he includes other works from the classical repertoire. Critics have highlighted its adaptation to the technical and stylistic requirements of each era and its clean and light articulation.. Meanwhile, David Otero Aragoneses has been the winner of the prestigious scholarship Fulbright for further artistic studies in the United States of America.

This is one of the family concerts of the Ibercaja Music Cycle, a series of 8 morning concerts with which aims to bring the whole family different stories, anecdotes and curiosities through music. Each concert will have a story to tell and, all possible channels will be used for this: characterization, the narration, evocation and always, music.

In its ninth edition, Ibercaja Music Series consolidates its activity while maintaining a seal of quality and innovation, directing its offer to all audiences, preserving the commitment to educational concerts and family, in an entertaining format, both, formative. Hand of JORCAM, a young project with a great connection with society, This cycle is designed to provide an opportunity for young performers, so they can share their talent and creativity.

Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORC), in its various formations (youth Orchestra, Young and Young Child Camerata Singers and BBVA Foundation) It consists of a 370 young boys (210 instrumentalists and around 160 voices). Its main objective is to expand and develop the musical knowledge to facilitate and prepare its members for future access to professional groups. This learning is done through knowledge and practice of choral and orchestral repertoire, experience in chamber groups, comprehensive participation in artistic projects such as dance, musical theater, the opera, etc.


Complete works for violin and piano by Johannes Brahms

Sonata no 1 in G major, on. 78
I. Lively, but not too much
II. Slowly
III. Allegro molto moderato

Sonata no 2 in most, on. 100
I. Cheerful lovable
II. Andante tranquillo
III. Allegretto grazioso (almost Andante)

Sonata no 3 in D minor, on. 108
I. Allegro
II. Slowly
III. A little early and sentiment
IV. Soon shaken