Cecilia Bartoli offered yesterday 06.10.14 a brilliant recital in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles to celebrate the upcoming release of his new album "St Petersburg", which includes eleven first world recordings.

Mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli pays tribute to three great Russian Empresses with her new launch at Decca, dedicated to the little-known flourishing of opera in the 18th century in St Petersburg under the enlightened rule of three exceptional women who looked to Europe to enrich their country's cultural life. "St Petersburg" is an exciting collection of eleven world recordings that not only celebrates three great rulers of Russia, Anna, Elizabeth and Catherine the Great but also their prominent Court composers.

The presentation took place yesterday before a selected number of media and guests, amid the splendor of the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles in France, where Bartoli excited about the music written by German and Italian composers who worked for the Russian court. In Bartoli's words the album “sheds new light on an incredible and momentous time for Russia, he carried his politics and culture to the enlightened West. It has been a great joy to discover these treasures and bring them back to life ” .

Welcoming the new album, Decca Classics Managing Director Paul Moseley said: “These treasures from the Mariinsky archive have been hidden for far too long. Although many of them are written in Italian, they also give us our first chance to hear Cecilia sing in Russian. Bartoli captures the spirit of this magnificent music, that she herself has investigated, opening the archives of the Mariinsky Library in Saint Petersburg to discover music lost for more than 200 years”.

“St Petersburg exemplifies once again Cecilia Bartoli's valuable contribution to the world of classical music “, Max Hole said, President and CEO of UMG International. “Not only did he discover and investigate this repertoire without anyone's help, but he has taken these musical gems and polished them with his passion, his musical talent and a keen understanding of its historical and cultural value”.

Bartoli has met again for the occasion with I Barocchisti under the direction of Diego Fasolis, with which it will offer during October and November, in collaboration with U-Live an album presentation tour that will take them to cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Colonia, Paris, Mannheim, Brussels, Baden-Baden, Essen, Hamburg, Regensburg, Prague, Munich and Vienna.